The Oscars 2015 – the lowdown

Written by GemmHirst
So it was big night for all you Kettle readers who are fans of film, with some of the greatest films to have been made, I know I was certainly excited to see who was going to win an Oscar. The star studded event was held in Hollywood and celebrated the best of the film industry. Filled with glamour and an award winning speeches you would have been a fool to miss it. Yet it was a rather long day with the difference in time zone, so just in case you missed it, here is the low down on all things Oscars.

The winner for Best Picture was Birdman

Birdman tells the story of Riggan Thompson who wants to regain self respect as an actor, as he tries to create his own Broadway production he find himself in all sorts of trouble.  The film that includes actors such as Emma Stone and Michael Keaton beat  The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Imitation Game who were both up for that award. 

Best Actor in a Leading Role:  Eddie Redmayne for The Theory Of Everything

Yes the main man Eddie Redmayne won the award for this portrayal of Stephen Hakwin in The Theory Of Everything. A story about a young man who is suffering from motor neuron disease. The actor who featured in Les Miserable the movie was rather hysterical and appeared to be genuinely surprised when he took the award. Here is the clip of Redmayne talking more calmly after the award.  It was poor Benedict Cumberbatch that lost out for the award for his appearance in The Imitation Game.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Julianne Moore for Still Alice

Moore plays a professor who learns that she is suffering from  Alzheimer’s disease. Also very emotional she took the award with a humble acceptance speech starting of by saying there is no such thing as a best actress as if evidence by the performances of my fellow nominees’. She looked very glamorous in her white dress, she kept it together it was a classy acceptance speech. 

Worrying that The Imitation Game would miss out on an award, the film that features the modern version of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch won the award for Best Adapted screenplay. The film that was written by Graham Moore follows the story of Alan Turing who is tasked with cracking the German enigma code in the Second World War.

With a sensational performance from the lovely Lady Gaga, being the 87th anniversary of the Oscars it was a evening that showcased the talents of the film industry.