The Justice League Movie needs some serious justice

It’s no secret that every studio with an in-house batch of caped crusaders is looking to the miracle Disney and Marvel Studios performed with last year’s Marvel film, Avengers Assem

It’s no secret that every studio with an in-house batch of caped crusaders is looking to the miracle Disney and Marvel Studios performed with last year’s Marvel film, Avengers Assemble. No matter how old or young we are or think we are, a superhero movie is something that everyone can enjoy. We relate to the heroic protagonist through fantasy or infatuation. Plus, it brings in a lot of revenue for film companies.

Greatest superhero of all time

Joss Whedon’s creation became the greatest superhero movie of all time, thanks to its witty dialogue, loyalty to the comics, characterisation and huge box-office takings. It’s no wonder that Warner Brothers are desperately trying to emulate its success.

Yet are some heroes better off left in ink rather than on the big screen?

Warner Brothers have been trying to get their DC comic properties adapted to the big screen for many years, and they are hoping that the recent success with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel will pave the way for a Justice League movie—their direct answer to Avengers Assemble.

Due for release in 2015, Warner Brothers and DC plan to unite all the big name characters in one big blockbuster. However, the Justice League is a hard group of superheroes to tackle, and it’s going to take a lot to create something that they and the fans can be proud of.

It’s going to be complicated 

The main problem they face is all the characters have complicated backstories that will be a struggle to weave together. Wonder Woman is a warrior princess of the Amazons, based on the Amazons of Greek Mythology, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter have origins in space, whilst Aquaman is from the legendary Atlantis.

With Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of the Batman franchise remaining fresh in audiences’ minds; a more ‘realistic’ approach to the superhero is being called for. We’ve already seen it mimicked in the CW’s Arrow with Stephen Amell playing the hooded, arrow wielding vigilante Green Arrow from DC Comics, whilst Fox used the approach for X-Men: First Class, which also received box-office success.

The recent Superman movie saw the introduction of an alien superhero accepted in a more ‘realistic’ fashion, like Thor and Loki were in the Marvel movies. However, is it really going to be possible to bring all these characters into the fold at once?

If the 2015 deadline is correct, it doesn’t look like Warner Brothers want to dedicate the time and effort of solo superhero movies, like Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, to set the foundations for the greatest line-up in DC history.


This means that the Justice League movie will either be extremely long or filled with massive plot holes because the reason these icons of mythology and outer space are fighting for the human race won’t be explained. This is sure to disappoint fans and newcomers as the iconic caped crusaders won’t be given the justice (no pun intended) they deserve.

With the roster of heroes mainly having super powers apart from Batman, from a financial view, it means that the movie would be rather expensive to bring to cinemas because of the special effects. In fact, it would probably more resemble an animated film because there is that much going on.

As risky as red kryptonite

There’s Superman with his freeze breath, heat vision, super strength and speed, and flight. Wonder Woman who’s basically the same as Superman without the speed, heat vision or freeze breath. Flash with super speed and the abilities to reverse time and change history. Martian Manhunter who is an alien shape shifter with Superman-like abilities, and the Green Lantern who uses a ring to create plasma manifestations from his imagination, which cost almost $300 million to do the solo movie.

Although it could be argued that with Avengers Assemble netting a billion, the Justice League movie could earn all that is spends back. However the actual logistics of each member of the Justice League is disastrous. Who would want to invest in a movie that could possibly be the most expensive and worst film ever made?

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