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The good and bad things of moving back home

So it’s that time of year, most (if not all) students have packed up their three plates, two knives, one fork and that tatty old frying pan and headed back home.

So it’s that time of year, most (if not all) students have packed up their three plates, two knives, one fork and that tatty old frying pan and headed back home. To some it’s a relief, to others it’s a nightmare, to most it’s a little bit of both…

The Bad

You’re back in the box room.

Before you left for university you had the big room but as soon as you moved away your younger sibling jumped into the room quicker than a fat kid to cake. It’s now painted bright pink and has make up everywhere – you knew it was coming and that you’d be placed in the dreaded box room.

The room that isn’t really big enough for a person to function in: it’s got no desk, barely room for a television and you’ve run out of space for all your clothes. The first time you move back, it’s a nasty shock. It doesn’t get easier each time you return, you just want your old room back – sorry folks you might as well admit defeat now!

The curfew, the questions and “keep the noise down!”

You’re used to going out at ten after starting the drinking a few hours earlier with handful of friends, FIFA and a few nonsensical drinking games. You then head out until the early hours returning singing “football’s coming home.”

But those days are over. Now you face the questions of where you’re going, who with and the inevitable: “don’t be back too late.” You’re wary of coming in absolutely plastered for the fear of Spanish Inquisition the morning after – the parents have you locked down. You’ll start realising that nights out have become a lot more expensive due to the relocation of pre-drinks to the local pub.


Floor-cleaning or hoovering the carpet once every month is no longer acceptable. If your mother doesn’t wake you up at 9am with the hoovering, you’ll wander down the stairs to see a note politely reminding you that you’re staying board free and it’s about time you starting pulling your weight. 

Before the first month is out, you’ll be a reluctant expert in washing, hoovering, dusting, cleaning and cooking. Kim and Aggie would be proud.

“Found a job yet?”

The question even more dreaded than “have you got a boy/girlfriend?” must be “have you found a job yet?” It’s a sharp shock from spending most of your time playing FIFA and watching daytime TV to actually going home where the pressure is on you to find a job. 

You’ll get asked once a week by any member of the family and it’ll be such a relief when you can actually reply ‘yes’.

The Good

A full fridge

It’s like opening the door to heaven as the light hits your face and you see the wonders of a full fridge. Fruit, yogurts, milk, sandwich mix and a constant supply of butter and tomato sauce, the essentials you once ran out of are there and you feel like a king.

Shame you can’t really cook.

Its clean

Whether you’re just a filthy person, lazy or just lost the will to fight against an unclean housemate, no-one likes living like a dirty student. Going home to a clean house, no dust, no insects, no grime or mould, you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. 

Seeing the family and old friends

Even if you’re not the sentimental type, you can’t deny that at some point while you’ve been living it up in the 24-hour library that you’ve missed your family. From your parents to your baby cousin to your granddad with the tales of war, it’s great to be back. And then there are your old school friends with whom you can test your newly-trained liver.

A different kind of freedom

You’ve survived a year (or three) and now you’ve been granted a different kind of freedom.  Whether you’re the one in the flat who cleans, sorts out bills or even does it all – you’ve made it. You go home knowing that responsibility is off your shoulders for good or at least for a few months.

Enjoy it won’t you.

What do you think about these highs and lows of moving back home for the summer? Do you have anything to add? Have your say in the comments section below.