The funniest tweets of Euro 2016

Twitter is often the go-to platform for finding not only the funniest jokes, but also to seek confirmation of your thoughts and the suspected thoughts of your neighbours. With a great amount of the British population (minus Scotland) eagerly watching every match, and the baffling deciphering of who plays who next, you can always rely on Twitter to deliver quick-witted quips. 

Romania v Switzerland

Pointing out the obvious but he has got a point…

Portugal v Austria

Ronaldo has had a tough tournament with a number of missed shots throughout and vitally missing a penalty during this match. 

Switzerland v France

Four Swiss players had their shirts ripped during the game, including Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka ripping his twice. 

Russia v Wales

Wales dominated against Russia to score 3 goals and top Group B on their debut at the Euros.  

England v Slovakia

Keeping it topical, Twitter mocked England’s Jordan Henderson’s inability to make a cross in the box.

 Made in reference to England, rather than Slovakia, and the team’s failure to score despite plenty of effort.

Another reference to the EU Referendum result with a classic pun on Raheem Sterling’s surname. 

Croatia v Portugal

Despite the mixed feelings on the result of the EU Referendum, it did provide an extra piece to the variety of football jokes.

 The game was generally recieved on Twitter as being extremely boring with Portugal finally scoring in the 117th minute of extra time. 

England v Iceland

Mocking the Vote Leave bus’ slogan of the £350 million a week sent to the EU being better spent elsewhere, Twitter makes an ingenious suggestion of where it could go…

Ah, when will those Brexit jokes stop… A reference to a number of the UK googling “What is the EU” after voting had closed in the referendum. 

Poland v Portugal

In the final 10 minutes of the game, a pitch invader sprinted towards Ronaldo. On television screens it seemed as though the culprit was half-naked, but it turned out to be an unfortunately coloured pair of shorts.  

Wales v Belgium

Losing to the underdogs, Wales, Fellaini failed to deliver the crucial goals Belgium so hoped for.  

Germany v Italy

Brought on especially in the last few minutes of extra time to take part in the penalties, Zaza spectaculy missed and became the laughing-stock of Twitter. One tweet just isn’t enough. 


With one quarter-final game left (France v Iceland) before the semi-finals and the eagerly-anticipated final on the 10th July, there is still plenty of time for Twitter to get their finest comical comments in.

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