Public Transport manners, or the lack of!

I’ve been using public transport for about ten years now and these days use it as often as six days a week, (currently dwelling on the fact I’ve probably wasted a large portion of my life sat on smelly buses surrounded by beyond annoying people), so when I saw a suggestion from Kettle asking someone to write about the lack of manners on public transport and therefore what I’d like to shout at people, I thought I was more than qualified!  

“Move out the way!”

In the last six months or so I’ve progressed from being an Arriva regular to being just as likely to catch a train. On the whole the experience is significantly more pleasant; no chavs blaring out music from their phones, there’s generally a more peaceful aura and I’m much more likely to see an older gentleman in a suit.
There is one thing about catching a train I can’t stand though. As it pulls up and the doors open, a crowd of people await leaving no gap for you to pass through. In fact I recently uploaded a video of this on my Instagram to share my frustration with the World! (Instagram: if you want a peek). 
Usually if someone is in my way, “Sorry, is it alright if I just squeeze past?” is my go to line, but when I get off the train my manners go on a 30 second holiday and I just start walking forward. People soon realise they need to move! I feel this has even more affect when a frustrated and disapproving headshake is thrown in. 
What I can’t understand is that Brits are known for queing, yet a train station seems to be the one place where that philosophy goes out the window.
And, I know I’m over thinking it now, but if we as humans can do such amazing things as discover cures for diseases, how are we that ignorant we can’t stand to one side as a train pulls up!?   

“Stop swearing!”

It’s hard when you know people have every right to do something, but those things don’t sit right with you. In this instance swearing on the bus comes to mind. Sure, it’s not illegal and I understand the ‘need’ to swear. I swear myself on a daily basis; the difference is I believe there’s a time and a place. It’s probably because I was raised in a home were swearing wasn’t allowed, even to this day. So when I hear people do it on public transport (especially when it’s loud) I can’t help but feel the anger raise inside me. 

“Acknowledge your driver!”

When people get on the bus and just flash their ticket at their driver I don’t understand why they don’t even say a quick, “Hi”. I know bus drivers can be grumpy sometimes, well, a lot of the time, but as you step on the bus you don’t know what that driver is going to be like. Have you ever thought maybe drivers would be a bit more cheerful if we as customers made a bit more effort with them? 

“Acknowledge your customer!” 

On the contrary to the above statement, it does amaze me the lack of manners from bus drivers. I can’t imagine working in my job and getting away with not even saying hello to customers as they enter the restaurant or as they place their order. If you’re a bus driver reading this, WE are YOUR customers. We pay your wages. The least you can do is say, “Hi” as we step on the bus!

“Say thank you!”

The amount of times I see people get off the bus and not thank their driver. When I’ve asked some people about this all they reply with is “Well it’s their job.” Of course it is, but a fireman will run into a burning building just to save Mildred the cat, does that mean you wouldn’t thank them because ‘it’s their job.’

The solution to all this? “Just learn to drive” you’re probably saying to your computer screen. That’s never going to happen unfortunately (realistically I’m a nervous passenger, I can’t afford it and I didn’t have the usual overwhelming desire to get behind the wheel at 17), I get just as annoyed in cars as I do by public transport!