The four faces of Bangkok

Sophie McConnell, Kettle Mag, Bangkok, Thailand, travel
Written by sophiedeedoe

Bangkok was not how I imagined it at all. After my three day visit there I have decided that Bangkok is a place for many, a face for all, there is a side to this city for everyone.

Face number 1

The rich, the posh and the wealthy: With rooftop bars which charge over a fiver a drink, private river cruises and multi national business situated in towering skyscrapers, Bangkok definitely accommodates for those with a few bob in their pocket.



Face number 2

The immoral (even if it’s a temporary way of life): Ko San road holds host to only a handful of the bizarre things that happen in Bangkok, but it sure does give you a insight. ‘Peep shows’ are advertised, Thai women are trying to sell bracelets with rather explicit quotes on, sex is in the air and its normal. Normal for the managers of the bars, normal for the workers, normal for the tourist who have come looking for it.

Face number 3

The westerns and etc: Bangkok is mad for tourists, “Sir would you like suit?”, “Ma’am, like to try scorpion?”, “Oi, would you like to see peep show?” are all common phrase that will be shouted at you from street sellers while you walk down any main street, desperate for a tourist sale.

Face number 4

Shanty houses, half built buildings and homeless: The divide couldn’t be more obvious between locals that have money and ones who don’t. There are sections you’ll walk through and the difference is staggering. The beggars, some have given up begging and are just sleeping in a tight ball, take up the pavements in some streets. (I’m guessing those streets aren’t the ones the tourists are suppose to go down).

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