The Benefits of Dock Levellers

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Dock levellers are a very helpful piece of loading bay equipment that many businesses get use out of. Dock levellers are fantastic solutions that are designed to address the problem of the difference in height between vehicles and loading platforms. These pieces of equipment are incredibly good at lifting heavy cargo that would usually be lifted by a forklift. 

For many businesses and companies, dock levellers are an essential piece of equipment for a wide range of reasons. From improved safety to being cost efficient.

 Hormann is here to explain some of the benefits that dock levellers bring to a business. 

Improved safety

An important benefit of having a dock leveller for your business is the safety aspect of it. By having a dock leveller, you’re bridging the gap between vehicles and the loading platform and ensuring a smooth transition. This can greatly prevent accidents from happening, thus improving the safety conditions of the workplace. 

Employee safety should be a number one priority for any company, so by having a dock leveller onsite, you’re protecting the safety of your employees. Workplace incidents should be prevented at all times, which is why loading equipment is one way to help prevent accidents from occuring. 

Dock levellers are a reliable and easy to use piece of equipment, they’re well worth having one on your site.

Cost efficient 

As well as employee safety, dock levellers also come with another big benefit for your business. Did you know that you can save a lot of money from using this piece of loading equipment? This is because they can help prevent and fix certain problems you may experience in the workplace. Dock levellers can save you money as they provide a solution to handling heavy cargo.

Increased workplace productivity 

With a dock leveller, everything becomes more convenient. This means that more work will get done as you’ll have loading equipment to help carry the heavy loads. The smooth transition saves time and energy, making this piece of equipment great at increasing workplace productivity. 

Employees have more time to do other tasks as the dock leveller takes care of heavy lifting and transitioning goods to and from vehicles. 


One of the main benefits of using a dock leveller is that it can help to improve the efficiency of your loading and unloading operations. If you have a leveller, you will not need to use a forklift or another lifting device to raise and lower cargo onto the vehicle or loading dock. This can save your business a lot of time and money in the process too.

Shock absorption 

Dock levellers are designed to be as smooth as possible. For this reason, they’re brilliant at shock absorption. The number of bumps and bangs are reduced due to the design of this piece of loading equipment.

Keeps cargo safe

Dock levellers can also help keep your cargo safe by providing a level surface for loading and unloading. When handling heavy cargo, you want to be as careful as possible. This is where dock levellers come into the equation as they can help protect and transfer cargo from the vehicle to your loading dock.