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Students are very interested in cryptocurrencies

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Chances are, you’ve probably already heard a fair bit about cryptocurrencies. At the very least, it’s been hard to escape Bitcoin which has been leading the way for digital money for a while now. Whether or not you understand how crypto works, it is getting easier and easier for people to start investing in digital money. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a genius to grab a digital wallet and start investing.

Some sources say that we could be heading towards a digital currency revolution. Sure – Bitcoin may not be totally mainstream yet, but in a few short years we might all be moving from scraps of change in our pockets to bits of code on our PCs and phones. Some of us are already making the leap!

But how is this all going to affect students? Are cryptocurrencies already impacting your everyday life? What can we expect from them in years to come? Let’s have a look.

More than just a craze

If you’ve read anything about Bitcoin and other crypto in the news lately, you’re probably wondering whether or not it’s all a good idea. There’s actually been a fair amount of negative press about Bitcoin in the past, and not all of it is truthful. The fact is that millions more people are taking up crypto investing than ever before. That’s only going to be a good thing as far as the digital revolution is concerned.

In fact, it’s rapidly emerging as a young person’s game. Students all over the UK – as well as globally – are getting into Bitcoin and other crypto as a side venture. Anyone who’s already a little tech-savvy can open up a digital account and sign up at an online exchange. It’s not like trading physical stock, where you’d have to monitor the stock market index every five seconds. You simply grab yourself a wallet and keep a close eye on the markets from your phone.

Students are actually setting up clubs and societies dedicated to getting the most out of crypto, too. This current generation of students is referred to as the ‘digital generation’ in many ways. We all grew up with PCs and smart devices, as well as with access to the internet. We’re in a really powerful position to shape how the world trades money in future.

Taking full advantage

More and more young people see the worth in crypto. While businesses and brands are still shaky over quite what to do about Bitcoin, students are throwing in handfuls of cash just to see what happens. Sure, there are risks involved – but providing you ‘ride the storm’, you might actually make serious money. In a world where many young people are left without a good financial foothold once they leave university, it’s not surprising that Bitcoin and other crypto is so appealing right now.

Students wanting to set up their own businesses and enterprises can do so from their digs. They can set up a digital wallet and a simple Bitcoin payment system in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Crypto is making it easier for young entrepreneurs to emerge and to grab a real foothold on where they want to go in life. While crypto might be volatile, and it might be very unpredictable at times, students who are smart enough to start investing are also smart enough to do their homework. There are definitely worse things we could be putting our money into.

Students can use all kinds of tools to get a handle on crypto. For example, they could set up this Bitcoin trading system to do a lot of the legwork for them.  Bots offer you a great way to automate your investments, to look for opportunities and to make risky judgments on your behalf. You could even be making serious money while you sleep.

The future of crypto

Plenty of people warn against crypto because of its shaky nature. That’s not always fair. With any investment platform, there are going to be risks. However, tech-savvy students are likely to be leading the charge, and profiting nicely in a decade or two’s time, when the world has come around a little more to the idea of digital money.

There’s no indication that crypto will replace the pound completely, however, with everything else going wireless and digital, it makes sense to take advantage of what’s available in the world of crypto. Therefore, if you’ve got designs on setting up a franchise or business after you finish your studies, it’s worth researching Bitcoin and the rest.