SS/15 style: A highstreet lookbook

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Written by sianabigail

Summer’s in full swing, and so are the hottest trends for this season. The 70’s and 80’s are the key looks you should be investing in this summer so here are our high street roundups.


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Flares, patterns, platforms, crochet, fringing and denim… 70’s fashion is all about being fun, vibrant and unashamedly so. This era is an example of when more IS more. Patterned flared jumpsuits, platform sandals, sunglasses, layered jewellery is a killer look. Alternatively an A-line denim skirt or loose suede top creats a cool festival vibe.

he Boho trend is all about finding that inner hippe, with laidback maxi skirts, gipsie tops, patterns galore, crochet and never looking like you are trying too hard. Below i put together a modern crochet crop with a more aged maxi skirt and a signature floppy hat. Boho babes are chilled out babes. Long blouses, off the shoulder tops and tassled bags are also a must here.

Suede. This summer it comes in all glorious forms; shoes, skirts, tops and dresses. With suede, pick your key piece and pair it ankle boots and a tassled bag. 


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The 80’s was an era of mash ups: a mix of Lycra, bold neon, ra-ra skirts, legwarmers, leather jackets, crop tops, sneakers, pixie boots… the list goes on. How you want to channel the 80s vibe is quite dependent on your personal style. A tip is to look to 80s style icons, mainly from the music industry, think Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran for that edgy rock look. If you want to go all out channel your inner Saturday Night Fever and go total party-girl cool.

On the catwalk we saw J.W Anderson lead the way with garish knits and geometric designs. Ultimate 80’s style designer, Vivienne Westwood also chimed in with safety pins and cuffs proving that accessorizing is a simple nod to the trend.

On the high street you can see a multitude of disco pants and cropped denim jackets for that rebellious teenager feel. Add backcombed hair, converse and lashes of eyeliner and you will be the 80’s personified.


What’s your favourite new trend? Let us know in the comments!