SmartFan: the coolest gadget of 2016

Smartfan, the coolest gadget of 2016, kettle mag,
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Something special happens in this country at this time of year. The sun comes out – no that’s not the special bit… well it is but what’s more special is our reaction to it.

Yes it’s the time of year when the trees are full of blossom, the sky is full of sunshine and bird song and the pubs, streets and green spaces are packed with people who are convinced it’s August already.

Skirts are shorter, biceps are exposed and there is more than a hint of sexual tension in the air. 

And with the warmer weather comes the great need to cool off – and there’s nothing we love more at Kettle than a sexy little gadget to help us cool down. Honest!

Introducing SmartFan

SmartFan, the coolest gadget of 2016

We saw this on Kickstarter and thought it was the perfect solution for a whole host of scenarios, including fanning yourself on the beach in Beefa, stuck in the back of a sweltering car on a gridlocked M25 or simply just taking the edge off your scolding-hot Pot Noodle. In fact it’s uses are literally limitless.

So what is it?

It’s basically a little fan that attaches to your smart phone and provides you with an instant, cooling breeze – just when you need it most.

According to the SmartFan Kickstarter page, the fan is made from soft TPE material which makes it durable and soft – and safe to touch. It has all of the required safety certificates and the tiny 5v motor won’t drain your phone’s battery. It looks totally cool and it has a funky universal adaptor which allows it to plug into most smartphones.

The Kickstarter campaign runs for another 3 weeks and the makers have put together some very tempting deals. After that we look forward to seeing them in retail stores across the country.

Without a doubt, it’s set to become the coolest gadget of 2016.

Checkout the video and then have a look at the cracking deals on Kickstarter.