Should Batman learn from the James Bond films?

Now that Christopher Nolan is done with the Batman saga, fans are looking ahead to see what’s next for the caped crusader.

Now that Christopher Nolan is done with the Batman saga, fans are looking ahead to see what’s next for the caped crusader. DC seed to be following in Marvels footsteps of telling separate stories all intertwined to eventually join in a large movie event in the form of the justice league of America movie supposedly due in 2015. This is all well and good but as far as I’m concerned the most important thing that DC need to consider is to not be afraid to re-use or re-cast but do not in any circumstances re-boot.

Skyfall (adjusted to inflation) is the highest grossing Bond film in history, proving that audiences are willing to see a character that is over 50 years old and in its 6th (official) variation. No one needs to see Batman back in the mountains fighting ninjas again.

I understand that every so often a character needs to be re-introduced to the general public. And it can be done very well, as the latest Spiderman film has shown. But at this point it is just unnecessary. Everyone knows Bruce Wayne’s origins and everyone knows he wants to clean up Gotham. So why go through it all again. Bringing Joseph Gordon Levitt would work perfectly to continue the story on from the dark knight rises. Or even bringing a new actor into the justice league film would work perfectly.

You could do it in one scene with minimal explanation. The justice league enter their new lair and all sit around their pristine new IKEA table (even superheroes go to IKEA), when the sinister shape of Batman appears from the shadows. Batman – “You look like you could use some help” Superman – “Batman! Nice of you to join us. How’s Gotham?” Batman – “Better now than when I started.”

And So on. See it would be simple. And as Bond has shown us the cinema going audience is willing to accept change as long as it’s done with a certain amount of common sense.

This doesn’t just include Batman. Rumours are floating around the nerdverse that Robert Downey Jr. is considering his departure from the Iron man series. Should Marvel kill off the character and continue the series of films without him? No, of course not. RDJ is absolutely incredible as Tony Stark, that doesn’t mean someone else could be just as good, albeit in a different way.  When Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker fans were in uproar. “How can Brokeback Mountain play one of the most important characters in the Batman universe?” Then, he nailed it, and the fans went into another uproar when there was talk of recasting the Joker for the next film.

It just take a little courage from the part of the makers of the next Batman story to realise that people can put two and two together and figure out that if Christian Bale doesn’t turn up in a cape and cowl in the next movie, someone else is clearly playing the caped crusader.

Oh, and my choice for the next Batman? Idris Elba. But that’s another article altogether.

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