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Seven things that make my university AWESOME!

So in my third and final year of university (

So in my third and final year of university (frown) I have decided that I should state the seven things that make my university awesome. I got to university in UWIC, Cardiff and here are the seven things that I think make my university like totally awesome!!! 

1.    My University

Yes a boring start I know but I think my university is great. The campus is in a good place, my lecturers are fun and really relevant to my course plus my lecturers are really helpful with anything I need. Yes I sound like a complete geek but UWIC really is a fantastic place to study.

2.    The City

Cardiff city is fantastic. Now I have lived twenty minutes outside Cardiff and have visited frequently but I have never truly appreciated it until I had seen it through a student’s eyes. The city is filled with student discounts in shops, bars, clubs and entertainment such as cinema and bowling. I know you can get these in any city but Cardiff is completely student orientated any time any place anywhere there is student discount.

3.    Nightlife

Cardiff nightlife is truly amazing for students. Every weeknight is a student night and on the weekend there is still the student union bar. The nightlife ranges from pubs and bars to popular clubs such as Revolution. Cardiff as a city run particular nights that are dedicated either for Cardiff university or for UWIC. As biased as I sound UWIC nights are the best but I find that the nights that are dedicated to both universities and the university of Glamorgan to be the best as they allow us to extend beyond the boundaries of our own schools and socialise with others. Plus the one night a year when there is a party off between the three universities is an awesome night of social banter and drinking!

4.    My Housemates/ Friends

Personally I find that having great friends and housemates can really make your time at university. Friends are a great thing to have in your life at university. The cliché really is true that the friends you make in university are friends you will make for life. I find a great mix of different groups of friends will stop your life from becoming routine and ultimately boring.

5.    The Rugby

One thing that makes Cardiff so great is not only it being the Welsh capital but the atmosphere created by hosting rugby matches. When Cardiff hosts a rugby game it is like the whole city comes alive with support for our Welsh team. Every pub shows the game on the big screens and decorates the pub in Rugby attire. There are Welsh shirts everywhere. Everyone in the city comes out to support our Welsh players. The atmosphere is glorious and hosting the rugby turns strangers into neighbours just by having the game in common.   

6.    Life Lessons

University isn’t just about what you learn in lectures, it is about the life lessons we learn. One of the first things we learn is independence. Moving out and living on your own away from parents is one of the first life lessons learnt. Having to prepare your own meals and do your own laundry are just some of the many things students learn to adjust too. Managing your own money is another thing we learn as students. Having a student loan at your disposal can lead to not managing your money properly. Yes your bank account looks really good and the thousands of pounds that go in there but we have to remember that it is not our money to spend on drinking and nights out (though that’s where a fair amount of it goes.) As students we need to remember that our loan is to pay for food, rent, household bills and supplies.

7.    Students

As cliché as I am going to sound, students really do make the university. The amount of UWIC hoodies and tracksuits available is incredible. The students of UWIC have so much support for their university as well as support for other students within the university itself. Us students within the university are involved with everything the university has to offer from cheerleading and the sports teams to UWIC’s own Retro magazine.

UWIC as a university is a fabulous place for learning and for fun. With great opportunities available that extend pass the duration of your degree I think UWIC is one of the best universities around!