Review: The Undomestic Goddess

This week I read The Undomestic Goddess, written by author Sophie Kinsella. The book, which is one of the authors bestsellers, was actually purchased as a back up book. You know, a book you buy just incase you don’t have anything on your ‘I NEED TO READ IT NOW LIST!’. I chose it purely on it’s title; it somewhat intrigued me.

The book itself centres around a lawyer called Samantha, who makes a mistake at work that will ruin her career forever. She ends up walking out of work and, after a jumping on a train to the middle of nowhere, comes across a house, where she is mistaken for a housekeeper position. This is of course where the title makes sense. You see, Samantha had no time to clean or cook working as a lawyer at one of the country’s top law firms; her knowledge of foods consists mainly of takeout numbers, and she has no clue how to use a washing machine. At the house she meets the gardner Nathaniel, who, many women would say if he were real, isn’t your average gardener, when you imagine one. Nathaniel’s mother is able to help Samantha uncover her natural domestic goddess over time. But what else will be uncovered?

Balance, adventure, change and love

This is the first book I have read written by Sophie Kinsella and, well, I will definitely be reading more of them. I loved the plot even. when I didn’t necessarily understand it when Samantha started talking what I like to call ‘lawyer language’. It was a book where I truthfully found myself laughing out loud at Samantha’s domestic mistakes, and where I sympathised and felt sorry for her in other parts. If I could describe this book in one sentence alone it would have to be: ‘This book contains a plot of perfect balance, adventure, change and love.’