My Top Five Favourite BookTubers

BookTube is basically exactly what it sounds like: people who talk about books on YouTube. I love watching BookTube videos because not only do I get so many great book recommendations, but there are also loads of fun tags and just a great community of book lovers. If you’re looking to start watching BookTube, here are my top five favourite BookTubers.

1. abookutopia

Sasha Alsberg is one of my absolute favourite BookTubers to watch. Her channel is SO varied, so there is something for everyone – from book reviews, to tag videos to monthly wrap-ups. Sasha’s reading tastes are also pretty varied – I’ve got some great recommendations from her. Also she’s obsessed with Outlander and Scotland, and as I am midway through binge watching Outlander I can DEFINITELY see why (one word: Jamie!) Sasha’s videos are always fun and entertaining, and her personality is infectious – if you are new to BookTube, she’s definitely one to watch!

2. BooksandQuills

Sanne from Books and Quills is also a must watch BookTuber for me! Sanne has definitely influenced me to read outside of my comfort zone – and I’ve discovered I really like classics & graphic novels! Sanne’s taste in books is always spot on, her reviews are so informative and well put together and I’ve been absolutely loving her vlogs that have a semi-bookish twist to them (Visiting Far From the Madding Crowd is my favourite!)  If you’re tastes are more on the classic/contemporary literary side Sanne has some amazing recommendations on her channel.

3.  WellDoneBooks

Boys on Booktube are (sadly) a tad rare. Max from welldonebooks is another BookTuber that recommends books I would have never even considered buying, and then I end up loving them! His reviews and discussion videos are absolutely brilliant and I love how well he articulates his points. I have discovered SO many great authors that I hadn’t even heard of through Max’s channel and he is such a great BookTuber for those readers who have a varied and diverse taste in books.

4. Effusions of Wit

Katie is another BookTuber that has expanded my bookish horizons – she is especially great for recommending classics and literary fiction. Her reviews are AMAZING, I seriously get so excited when she uploads a review because I just love the way she talks about books. Katie has also done some tag and discussion videos. My favourite one recently has to be Privilege, Poverty, and an Argument for Libraries – which is such an important and beautiful video.

5. InkBonesBooks

Sanaa’s channel is great because there’s a little bit of everything. Sanaa does really cool and unique tag videos (The Nintendo Book Tag), as well as book reviews and even a few beauty videos. I especially love her anime videos – they’re so interesting! Sanaa’s videos are beautifully shot, and her opinions are spot on! Sanaa has a pretty similar taste in books to my own, and so I always check out recommendations.

So those are my top five favourite BookTubers. I think BookTube is such a great way of sharing books and getting to know others in a friendly and supportive online community. Check out these five fabulous BookTubers, and if you like their content, hit subscribe!