Review: RAVPower 3200mAh Power Bank

When I received the RAVPower 3200mAh Power Bank, the packaging the charger arrived in was great. It was eco friendly, compact and easy to open. Inside the box was a concise leaflet which details how to use the power bank, as well as the USB lead which you need to charge the power bank itself. Despite coming through the post everything was secure and safe in the packaging, which was great to see.

Delivery itself was also very quick, which is great if you need the charger if you’re going away, or need it in any kind of hurry. Or even generally – fast, efficient delivery on an item is a big plus.

While you do need your own phone charger to plug your phone into the power bank itself, as well as needing an adaptor which can be purchased from RavPower (or you can use the plug for your phone charger) this doesn’t negate anything from the actual power bank itself. In fact, this is a big plus for me – as I’ve had negative experiences with their chargers in the past that had far too many wires and other pieces of equipment with them which meant that they were usually not as effective, or everything just ended up getting too muddled and confusing.

However, with the RAVPower 3200mAh power bank, everything needed is included, and everything (thankfully) is incredibly simplistic, while also being incredibly effective (both in terms of using it – the charger included charges the power bank incredibly quickly, for example – and it’s also really cost effective, as you can use the plug for your phone charger and the actual phone charger lead while using the power bank).

Thoughts on the charger itself

It does its job, and it does it very, very well – it charges your phone very quickly and efficiently, without getting hot, too, which is amazing – as that happens a lot with most power banks. In fact, it’s faster at charging my phone than if I were to plug it into a general socket!

It’s also extremely affordable – at only £7.99 on it’s one of the cheapest, but from all of the other chargers that I’ve had and tried in in the past, it is without a doubt one of the best, especially for how quickly it charges your phone, and for the price!

It’s also a very versatile charger, since it has a USB port for you to plug the lead in which connects the device you want to be charged to your power bank – you can charge any device you like with the power bank: think phones, tablets and e-readers, but there’s probably more that you can add to the list! The good thing is that you’re not restrained by only being able to use this power bar with a particular type of phone or device, you’re free to use it to charge any device that needs some extra juice.

In terms of sizing – it may be quite small, but this just means that it’s perfect to take away with you. It’s not bulky or heavy, and it’ll easily slip into a work, school or handbag, and even your pocket!

I would without a doubt recommend this charger to you, as it is everything you would expect a to be – quick to charge and be charged, compact, and easy to carry around, as well as being extremely affordable.

This product was sent without charge to the writer in exchange for a review. No editorial consideration was given in exchange for the product.

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