Review: AMNIE Diamond Foam Neoprene Laptop case


Not long ago, I purchased a new laptop. After a few days of getting owning it, I quickly realised that I needed a case to keep it safe and protected. I didn’t want to see so much as a scratch on my new laptop if I could help it – they are expensive, after all.

Thankfully, my Diamond Foam 13” Neoprene Laptop Case arrived from AMNIE very quickly, so I didn’t have to worry for too long at all. The delivery was not only incredibly quick, though – the case itself was also packaged really well. It was even packaged inside its own sturdy zip-lock bag for that extra protection, and I really appreciated the fact that a company like AMNIE would do things like add those little touches when delivering items that really shows how much they both care for their products and customers.

A precise case

Visually, the outside of the case is incredibly sleek – with the black colour and the diamond foam on the outside both make the case stand out from most other more basic designs, as well as look very professional and unique. The case also has a very sturdy zip, as well as a separate small pouch on the bottom left, so your laptop’s charging point can be accessed without having to take your laptop out of the protective case, which I found really useful – and a great touch to an already impressive case.

However, it’s the inside of the case itself that really sold me. I knew that the case was furlined, but I just didn’t expect the lush fur that lines every AMNIE Diamond Foam Neoprene Laptop case. It’s incredibly high quality, soft brown lining so you know that your laptop is on good hands and will definitely be free of any scratches or marks while kept inside of it.


Image: Chloe Smith

The case itself also has an inside pocket (which again has another very sturdy zip, so you know anything that you put in there is safe). Which is incredibly practical – as you can now slip your phone, a charger, a notebook, or anything else that you need, in with your laptop, to minimise the amount of things you have to carry about with you on a daily basis. And I’m definitely going to be grateful for it when I start university next year.

Your tech is protected

The pocket itself is also made out of some sturdy material, so there is no way that your laptop, or whatever you chose to put in the pocket, will get marked or damaged in anyway. Visually, the pocket itself also looks beautiful – standing out from the inside of the case due to the bright blue colour of the fabric around the zip.

The case also fit my 13” laptop very snugly – it doesn’t slip or slide around inside the case at all, meaning that your laptop is even more secure than you first thought! This, coupled with the visual appeal of the case itself, means that not only will your laptop look very sleek and stylish, but you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that it’ll stay looking that way after you take it out of the case, too – because it won’t get bumped or shaken around inside the case while you’re moving around.

So if, like me, you like to take good care of your technology and want to make sure that it’s protected, then the AMNIE Diamond Foam Neoprene Laptop Case is definitely the case for you. I’m consistently impressed at the lengths that AMNIE, with its Diamond Foam Neoprene Laptop Case, does everything it possibly can to protect your laptop or computer – from being shock resistant, and being furlined, and much more.

So in my mind, if you’re looking for a case for your laptop, than this one is absolutely worth every penny, because it really goes the extra mile to protect your tech.

This product was sent without charge to the writer in exchange for a review. No editorial consideration was given in exchange for the product.

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