Review: According to Yes by Dawn French

Rosie Kitto, an extraordinary woman, who moves from the comfort of her small Cornish town to the Big Apple. The jolly main character is far from your average New Yorker, which creates a fantastic story as she tries to adapt to her new city through a job as a nanny to one of the city’s wealthiest families. Becoming a nanny to young twins, and, what ends up to be the whole family, she finds herself in some difficult situations where Rosie… Put it this way, finds it hard to say ‘no’ – hence the title perhaps?

The book is light-hearted and cheerful, providing you with a giant reality check as you follow the ups and downs of Rosie’s adjustment to New York living, reminding readers that none of us are perfect and even the best of us make mistakes.

The tone of the book makes it very easy to read, however, some may say it was a little too easy. The storyline, despite being comical, is highly predictable – the story does take some twists and turns, but Dawn French seems to enjoy a cliché.

If you are searching for a book which you can read to pass the time while travelling this summer or something to open while relaxing in the sun, then this book is perfect. This novel was read in less than a week and was a great companion on a 10-hour flight, but I won’t be rushing back to read it a second time. 

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