Review: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

The global best-seller The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is a psychological thriller, which debuted at number 1 in the New York Times book rankings, loading this book with high expectations on purchase. Described as “nothing short of sensational” by the Daily Mail, Paula Hawkins certainly delivers a gripping story within the pages of this book.

The girl on the train is Rachel, a divorced, jobless alcoholic who once lived her dream and watched it fall apart in front of her. Rachel catches the 8.04am train every single day, and seeks comfort in imagining what the lives of families who live in the houses by the tracks are like. Rachel’s fantasies of these families land her in a difficult situation when a girl, Megan, who Rachel has seen every morning on her way to work, goes missing and believes she may just be able to help find Megan from what she has seen from the window of the passing train.

Skilfully handled

The chapters of the novel are skilfully split between the three female characters, Rachel, Megan and Anna – Rachel’s ex-husband’s new wife, allowing you to feel as if you really know the characters inside out and to gain an emotional connection with them. This writing method keeps you as a reader on your toes, giving you the opportunity to piece the story together and unravel the twists to the story rather than it being given to you on a silver plate. The thriller touches on many issues, from alcohol addiction to domestic abuse to post-natal depression, which are all handled carefully by Paula Hawkins, who does not fail to deliver anything “short of sensational”.

This book was incredibly difficult to put down; my commute home felt like it passed in seconds while following Rachel, Megan and Anna’s lives. I am now telling everyone that I speak to, to go and buy this book. 

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