Review: 7th Heaven’s Blemish Mud Face Mask

Promoted as a deep cleansing and soothing face mask, The 7th Heaven Blemish Mud Mask is only £1 in supermarkets and drugstores around the UK and comes in a 20g sachet. Being a completely cruelty free and vegetarian brand, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the ingredients, which include crushed witch hazel, pulped aloe vera and pressed evening primrose. It is designed to target problem areas and leave you with a clean completion.


The packaging makes it look like you don’t get much of the product but that is far from true. It was easy to get out of the sachet, although a slight bit messier than I would have liked, but I was really pleased with how much of the product we are given in the small sachet.

It was really easy to apply and didn’t feel sticky at all, which is an issue I have had in the past with face masks. I thought I would only have just enough to cover my face with a thin layer but I was able to apply a thick layer to the whole of my face and still have some left in the sachet.

For £1 I was really pleased with how much was in the sachet and how well it went on.


The waiting game

Once applied you have to leave the mask for 10-15minutes to do its work. Usually this is when I get itchy or tingly because I have really sensitive skin but I honesty felt fine with this mask. It did start to set and go hard but not to the point where I couldn’t move my face.


Most face masks I have tried are really sticky or thick and get stuck to my face, but this was really easy to take off. I just washed my face with warm water and most of it came off in a creamy texture rather than peeling off. This is something I prefer with face masks as the peel off ones never seem to peel off completely for me.

There were a few bits that were harder to wash off mainly by my hair line and the side of my nose but they came off easily with a face wipe.


For £1 this face mask is definitely worth it. Not only do you get a lot more for your money then you might expect but it smells amazing. My skin felt smooth and refreshed straight after and I didn’t have any form of reaction from the ingredients, which is great as I have rather sensitive skin. They also do tubes of their face masks which I think I will try next time for easier application.

This is definitely a product I would use again to give my skin a refreshing feel and I will definitely be trying out some of their other face masks.

Have you tried any of 7th Heaven’s face masks? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.