Prague: Five reasons to visit this mind-blowing city

One of the many amazing things about living in Europe is the easy access and affordability to visit so many different countries. 

One of the many amazing things about living in Europe is the easy access and affordability to visit so many different countries. I have always enjoyed travelling and learning about different cultures but being from Brazil it was not easy for me to travel to many places. Brazil itself is massive. A flight from the South to the North takes around 6 hours; whereas here in the UK, in a mere 2 hour-long flight I can be in a different country. I want to take advantage of the fact I live so close to so many different European countries. I have already visited France and Bulgaria during my time in the UK; last month I added a new country to that list: Czech Republic.

I spent five days in Prague and thoroughly enjoyed, so I decided to compile a list of five things you should definitely do if you are ever in Prague: 
Tick Tock: Visit the Astronomical Clock
This ancient clock has been around since 1410 and it is the oldest one still working. What makes this clock such a distinctive monument is the history and legend behind it. The clock has broken down several times in history and local myth says that if the clock is left neglected the city will suffer so maintaining the clock in good condition is vital. Make sure you are at the clock on the hour for “The Walk of the Apostles”, where figures of the 12 Apostles come out followed by a macabre figure of a skeleton, representing death.
“City of K”
If you love literature, especially Franz Kafka’s works, visiting his museum is a must. The exhibition explores a side of Kafka that is often “forgotten.” An intimate display containing original letters, photographs and other aspects of his private life that shaped him and influenced his world-renowned works. It is very interesting to see how his surroundings and the city of Prague played such a big part in his life and deeply influenced his career. It is without a doubt a lovely tribute to one of the most influential writers of the existentialist genre, and literature overall. 
Explore the waters
Experience the beautiful Prague through a comfortable river cruise. The variety of water tours available are enormous so whether you want a luxurious dinner river cruise while enjoying a live jazz performance or a gentle, fuss free afternoon tour; they have got it covered. 
Fish pedicure
This is not exactly typical of Prague but if you live in the UK, where fish pedicures are banned, this is a great opportunity to enjoy this bizarre beauty treatment. You basically have tiny fish eat all the dead skin from your feet leaving you with baby soft skin. I know this is not for everyone (I, personally, have a massive phobia of fish) but my boyfriend got it done and he absolutely loved it! His feet went from gross to great.
No trip would be complete without a little shopping. Czech crystal is world famous and you will find shops all over central Prague where you can get your hands on some beautiful, genuine crystals. If you are looking to get a gift for someone or perhaps bring back something traditional of Prague, crystals are a great option. From jewellery to decorative pieces, you will find unique crystals that truly reflect Prague’s beauty.  
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Have you visited Prague? What were your highlights? What would top your list? Have your say in the comments section.