Pet peeves: The bane of my life

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We all have pet peeves, although some certainly have more than others; myself included, hence why I’ve written this article. Below I’ve somehow narrowed down just a few of my worst and believe you me that was hard because I could write an epic on them!   

People at traffic lights

Why is it that when I’m stood at a set of lights and have quite clearly pushed the wait button, someone the other side of the road who has seen me do this STILL feels the need to push the button themselves!? Sorry, do you have some magic power that means if you push the button it will make the lights turn red faster? Stop undermining my button pushing skills and have a little patience!

Excessive napkin users

As someone who works in a well-known restaurant I am reminded of this peeve more often then I’d like to be. On SO many occasions I will see people pick up a handful of napkins (enough to supply every individual competing in London Marathon it seems) and yet there are just two people eating. Surprise, surprise I then end up throwing the majority of those napkins after I clear their table. 

The other day I even had a table of six take the entire napkin holder to their table as if it was theirs to claim!

Also, do people not realise the less they waste, the less we have to dedicate to expenditures and therefore the cheaper we could make things for the customers.

People who don’t wash their hands

Continuing the theme of where I work, I’m astounded by the amount of times I’m in the toilet and see people either not wash their hands properly or just not wash their hands at all. If you go to the loo and don’t wash your hands afterwards you’ll end up spreading your germs onto everything: door handles, sauce bottles, money, chairs, menus etc, which could then up on your food. You wouldn’t like it if the person in uniform didn’t wash their hands, so why the double standards?

People who misspell ‘your’ and ‘you’re’

It’s not hard, learn the difference.

People who don’t indicate

This is frustrating enough when I am a passenger in a car and I’m sure it would be worse if I drove, but it infuriates me as a pedestrian.

If you don’t indicate you’re telling me you’re not going to turn, therefore I will cross and think it’s safe to do so. So Mr. Rude Boy Racer, please don’t scare me by suddenly turning and heading towards me without warning!

Being safe on the road isn’t just about being cautious around other cars, but pedestrians too.

People who hint out loud

As I sit here writing this, my Mother is on the sofa reading the newspaper. She just said “Well, that’s interesting”, out loud and nothing else. She clearly wants to tell us about what she had just read, yet instead of saying “Guess what guys?” and continuing the story, which was actually a really dull article about how we people don’t watch a third of the DVD’s that they own, she just dropped the hint and expected us to ask her. If you want to start a conversation just speak!

That’s enough I think. You’ll either be sat there rolling your eyes at my fury towards a bunch of first world problems,or your blood will be beginning to boil too.

I’m going to leave it before I ruin what has actually been quite a good day so far.

What are your pet peeves? Have your say inthe comments below!