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Nine reasons to love Spring

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Written by Hayley Scott

How can anyone hate spring? It is the end of the cold winter months and the unlimited layers of clothing you put on just to stay warm. Here are nine reasons why I and everyone else should love spring. Although, forget about the hayfever and look at the beauty it brings us.


At last, the dull twig-like trees that had become bare during the winter months, are finally covered in blossom. How can anyone hate blossom? The pastel colours are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Sitting outside

The excuse of becoming a hibernating hedgehog is over. The warmth and the brightness of the sun is enough to bring any British person out of their homes. The neglected gardens can now be brought back to life. Let the BBQ-ing and late nights begin.

Beer gardens

Now, who doesn’t like a cheeky pint in the afternoon? Well, those days are back. Let the sunshine and sunglasses come out to play. Spending time in a beer garden with your friends having a catch up is always fun.  Sun, food, and alcohol, what more do you need? And it is all thanks to spring, for bring the sun with it.

Summer is near

With spring being here, it only means one thing. Summer is right around the corner.

Cute floral dresses

If you are someone that are fed up of wearing skinny jeans and leggings, spring is your season. Cute floral dresses can finally make an appearance. What is even better, is that the shops are flooding with new floral prints. Your wardrobe can have some must needed colour at last.

Becoming social again

Netflix in bed can return to an evening thing yet again. During the day, the daylight is out for longer, which means you have no more excuses to hibernate. Make plans and enjoy them, you probably have a lot of catching up to do, especially  if you are a hedgehog when it comes to winter. Beach walks, picnics, kite flying, whatever it is you enjoy, do it with friends. I’m sure it will be tonnes more exciting with your friends or family.


I do love a good woolly jumper, but I think with spring being here, it is time to peel it off and enjoy a kimono instead. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, usually makes people happier, if you are someone that takes joy in the sun, then spring seems like your time to start enjoying the sun.

Longer days

Winter is gone. The waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark is over. Embrace the long light days. With more sunlight, it gives you the feeling that the days are longer, as you are no longer hurrying home to find your fluffy socks and mug of soap.

Pink skies

Spring is the season for beautiful things, and a favourite of mine is the pink sunset.  After finishing off a nice day with friends, sit back and relax and took in the natural beauty that spring brings.