My Favourite Film: Mean Girls

People may not have a favourite food or book, but something everyone has is a favourite film due to the fact that cinema is something everyone can enjoy. So, here at Kettle we will be running a weekly feature on our editors, and some regular writers, favourite films.

This week is a regular correspondent and one of Kettle’s wonderful deputy editors, Ellie Kumar. Be aware of spoilers.

– Emily Murray: Film Editor

What is your favourite film?

Mean Girls

When, and where, was the first time you saw this film? Was it a particularly memorable day/company/experience?

I’ve seen this so many times I can’t remember the first time, but my favourite time was as a first year in halls, my flat decided to start off our Regular Film Nights with this one – our American exchange student made popcorn from scratch and we recited nearly the whole film. The Regular Film Nights never made it past that one but it was a good start…

Favourite character and why?

Math-loving rap superstar Kevin G – who doesn’t wish they had his confidence in school. But Miss Norberry, Damien and the inimitable Gretchen Weiner are all strong contenders… I don’t think there’s a bad character in this film!

Favourite scene?

Any of the scenes where American high school life turns into the Savannah; Cady attacking Regina George in the cafeteria, kids grooming each other around the shopping mall fountain and of course – the girls turning feral in the school hallways. “The girls have gone wild!”

Favourite quote?

Nice wig Janice – what’s it made of? Your mom’s chest hair
That’s why her hair is so big – it’s full of secrets.
4 for you Glen Coco – you go Glen Coco… and none for Gretchen Weiner
She doesn’t even go here

Who would you like to be in the film?

Well it has to be Glen Coco doesn’t it – who wouldn’t want 4 candy canes!

Why is it your favourite?

This is, without a doubt, the best sleepover movie ever; for a start it’s written by Tina Fey so you know it’s going to be clever and witty. Not only that, it deals with issues and feelings every teenage girl has at some point in their school career. Oh – and it’s possibly the most quotable film ever – I dare anyone to watch it and not call out the best lines all the way through.