Lord Ashcroft misses Cameron biography launch due to hospitalisation

It has been revealed that Lord Ashcroft missed the UK launch party of his controversial book that he co-wrote about David Cameron, because he had been hospitalised with Liver and Kidney failure and septic shock. 

The Tory peer became ill last month on September 22nd and spent 18 days in intensive care in an American hospital. A video was shown at the book launch explaining why Lord Ashcroft was not there, according to reports there was a stunned silence where guests wondered if the video was a spoof to help promote the book. 



In his opening remarks, read out by his publisher Iain Dale, Ashcroft said: “Welcome to the launch of Call Me Dave and I’m sorry that I cannot be with you this evening, As you will have just seen, I have been a little preoccupied for the last four weeks. I haven’t of course set foot in the UK since my illness, but I am reliably informed that my book has caused a bit of a stir.”

Lord Ashcroft is now thought to be out of danger.