Legal action again Corbyns ballot vote is underway

Former Labour party leadership candidate, Michael Foster, is contesting the decision to allow Jeremy Corbyn’s name to go straight onto the ballot paper for the up and coming leadship election. 

In order to have your name, as a candidate, on the ballot vote you must obtain the backing of 20% of MP’s and MEP’s from the respective party. However this was over rulled by a vote from the NEC (national executive committee) at 18 to 14, deciding that as the current leader of the Labour Party, Corbyn did not need to have the support of over 50 MP’s and MEP’s. 

Mr Foster, who recently dropped out of the Labour leadership race, argued that this was a ‘manipulation’ of the party’s rules. 

Today, a judge is hearing the arguements from both sides in London, it is still unclear as to what decision will be made. 

This comes after the Labour Party face legal challenges from those who had joined the party after the 12th of January and had to pay £25 in order to vote in the up and coming party election. 

The leadership election results are expected to be announced on the 24th September.

Key facts

  • The NEC voted 18 to 14 to have Corbyn placed on the balot paper without the support of 20% of MP’s and MEp’s
  • Michael Foster, former leadership candidate, called this a ‘manipulation’ of party policy
  • A judge is hearing the case today in London