Kylie Lip Kits: Cute or a Con?

Let me ask you a question, would you pay over around £20 for a single lipstick?

Those readers that can afford this lifestyle, I kind of hate you. To the rest of you, this seems ridiculous right?

It seems the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s could whack their name on any product at the moment and it would sell quicker than the mysterious growth of Kylie’s lips. Maybe I’m being cynical, maybe these lip products are like no others and maybe, just maybe, they’re worth that extortionate price.

Now I’m no make-up expert, I’ve still not conquered the contour, or managed to highlight my face without looking like Edward Cullen in the middle of August. But even I know that a lip product has to do a hell of a lot for me to spend that kind of money on it. 


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The general public seem to be fascinated by this family’s lifestyle, and it seems everyone wants to buy Kylie’s lips, achieve Kim’s ass and have a squad like Kendall… But this curiosity has a price.

The moment Kylie releases a new shade, it seems to sell out within seconds, and Instagram is scattered with the celebrity endorsed lip glosses. It seems girls all over the world are desperate to buy into any part of the Kardashian/Jenner lifestyle.

One super fan has even gone as far to get swatches of the Lip Kit’s tattooed on his arm! Now obviously this is an extreme example of fandom (it reminds me of the time that girl had ‘Drake’ tattooed on her forehead) but it seems a bit worrying that one product line could cause this amount of fuss and obsession. 

In order to do some proper research, I should probably buy and test out these products, but unfortunately my bank balance, and my patience won’t allow this. So I’ve watched online tutorials of people using these products and from what I’ve seen the colours are nice and wearable, and the finish seems nice enough, but not quite enough to convince me.

When you consider the horror stories of girls sitting up for hours, with multiple devices open ready to try and snatch up one of these kits, for them to not even receive them in the package when it finally arrives – Why are so many people doing this? Why is there so much stress over ordering something that seems almost impossible to buy, may or may not arrive, or may not be the shade that you actually ordered?


It seems from social media that younger girls and young women are the main consumers of this product, and it would make sense as we’re the ones that have been subjected to this kind of endorsement before and we’re probably quite immune to it.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve probably bought something because I’ve seen a certain celebrity wearing/using it, and it’s just part of being a young woman in a constant battle with her appearance. If I could have Kylie’s lips and Kim’s rear, then hell yeah I would. Just as I wouldn’t mind Megan Fox’s hair and Taylor Swift’s never ending long legs.

It’s younger girls that are targeted the most, they see the name on the product and try and buy their way into these lifestyles, probably not being fully aware of how much it’s costing them (or their parents). They may be cute lipsticks and the quality of them may be alright, but to me they represent a society desperate to buy into celebrity lifestyles, seemingly at any cost. I’ll stick to Rimmel, thanks.

Have you ordered anything from Kylie Cosmetics? What were your experiences with the brand? Let us know in the comments below.