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Kim Kardashian: Was she portrayed fairly?

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Written by clissoldgeorgina

If you search the name Kim Kardashian on Google, the first thing to come up at this moment are informative articles about the appalling situation she was involved in during her stay in Paris. I searched the name Kim Kardashian on Twitter and along with tweets offering their support there were a few that caught my eye, one that compared her being involved in an armed robbery to the start of a pornographic film and another asking whether the robbery was in fact fake so that she could claim on insurance. 

It seems so trivial that some members of the public still aim to connect Kardashian to the ‘infamous’ video which more or less kickstarted her career, in whatever event she is involved in. Many people seem desensitised to the fact that this was a serious crime that could have resulted in injury or even death. Whether it’s the fact that the Kardashian/Jenner family have such a big media presence or this sort of event is now categorised as an everyday event I’m not sure, but it’s important to remember Kardashian is only human and traumatised may not even begin to cover how she must be feeling right now, or how her family are feeling.

A video online displays the moment Kanye West was informed of a ‘family emergency.’ It’s important to query: did he know it was Kim who had been involved in a disturbance? Did he know the severity of the situation? Was he aware if she was even okay? These are questions which must have been running through the whole families' heads, and the sort of questions that would probably run through your head if your family member/friend had been involved in a similar situation. 

Furthermore, reports that all of Kardashian’s ‘secrets’ are going to be revealed due to two of her phones being stolen sounds like absolute nonsense, these ‘secrets’ are more than likely to be personal photos and embarrassing texts between friends.

It’s fundamental to understand that Kardashian is the victim and not a villain which many sources paint her to be.