5 essentials for a baby nursery – What do you need?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Is your little one on his way? You want the best nursery for him, but you have no idea where to start. This is perfectly normal, especially if you’re giving birth to your first child. We ran through the top things he’ll need. Read ahead.

Where Is Your Baby Going to Sleep?

Although your baby is home, he probably won’t be sleeping in his nursery immediately. He should sleep in your room, as you’ll be able to keep an eye on him. Once he moves to his nursery, you’ll need a comfortable space for him to sleep. This would either be a bassinet or crib. Cribs are grand, and take up space. But we’re fans of the former.  Not only are they less bulky, but you can also move them around, as you’ll see here,

If you’re going for a crib, be sure to avoid the drop-down kind. They aren’t considered safe anymore. The United States’ Consumer Product Safety Commission put a stop to them in 2011. If you live outside America, they may still be available.

Speaking of him going to sleep, have a mobile by his side. It’ll rotate as he rests, helping him fall asleep. It’d also keep him occupied when he’s up.  And of course, you’ll need a monitor to make sure he’s safe and sound.

How Comfortable Will He Be?

Now that you have a place for him to sleep, make sure that he’s comfortable. You’ll be able to do this with his bedding. This would include things like sheets, bumper pads, blankets, pillows, and crib skirts. When it comes to them, we recommend speaking to other parents. They’ll tell you which are worth your time, as some may not be the most comfortable. Just make sure you get them in the right size.

Along with the bedding, you probably should pick a sleep sack up. It’ll keep him warm.

One of the fun things with getting sheets, blankets, and pillows for him is that they’ll not only keep him comfortable, but they’ll decorate his room. Make sure that you get designs that complement the theme of his nursery. You can also check out Kidsco’s reviews on the blankets, sheets and cribs for your baby.

His Clothes

Speaking of storage space, you’d need somewhere to keep his clothes. The thing with babies is that they rapidly grow, as discussed here So, you’ll have a lot of clothes to store away. Having a baby is a lot of work, so an organized drawer would make life easier.


Considering he’ll be going through many clothes, a hamper is needed. You can also use the baskets to store his toys.

Where Will You Change Him?

During his first year, you’ll likely be exhausted changing him all the time. To make life easier, ensure that his room has a changing table. The beauty of the tables is that they come in all shapes and sizes. They will complement the look of the nursery, and they’ll also have extra storage for you to place things like ointments, wipes, and powders.

A Spot to Nurse

You need somewhere to comfortably nurse. If he’s your first child, you might find the experience uncomfortable, sadly – make sure the chair you get is super cozy. It should be a special chair for nursing. They rock, letting you soothe your little one. The chairs are also great for relaxing. We all know how exhausting handling an infant is.

Final Thoughts

Your little one’s about to make an entrance, so you’re planning on getting his nursery ready. When doing so, you’ll need to snag a couple of things. Of course, he’ll need somewhere to sleep. That’s why getting the best crib or bassinet is a priority. Both are fine, but bassinets take less space and are portable. Something that’s also vital is a spot for you to nurse – you’ll do it a lot during his first year, so make sure you get a very comfortable chair. It’ll have to rock, helping you soothe him.