It takes more than a good degree to secure the job and terms you deserve

Written by Nigel Simpkins

In years gone by, a good degree was all it took to be considered the most employable applicant for a job. That qualification was enough for many firms to provide amazing benefits to add your time and talent to their establishment. How times have changed!

Now, even universities expect a good level of extra-curricular activities supporting your ambition to work. And, when it comes to applying for the jobs that are available, your CV and degree must be accompanied by evidence of passion for the industry through internships or other voluntary examples, to even make it through the initial paper sift.

Unemployment Falling

Of course, right now the unemployment rate continues to dwindle – the Office for National Statistics data shows the UK’s unemployment rate in the three months to June fell again to 4.4%. That’s the lowest rate since 1975, down from 4.5% in the three months to May and compares with 4.9% a year earlier. Or, looking at the Irish unemployment rate, it has also been steadily declining. Official Central Statistics Office data, shows the rate hit 6.3% in August, down from July’s 6.4% and the equal lowest rate since 2008.

However, just because fewer people are unemployed, doesn’t mean you can become complacent – for the best jobs in the best industries, competition remains fierce. That’s why you have to go the extra mile – or more – to impress potential employers enough to:

  • Employ you
  • Pay you well
  • Provide good benefits
  • Ensure your working environment is good enough to keep hold of you and your talent, long-term

After all, you’ve put in all the hard work at university and in unpaid work, so you deserve all of that, at the very least.

Encourage Firms to Work harder to Secure Your Skills

By working harder on your way to your dream career and job, you and your fellow graduates can encourage businesses to improve their remuneration and benefits packages, not to mention provide a comfortable working environment. With the right mix of qualifications and proof of your work ethic, firms will need to improve external recruitment processes, along with pay, benefits and working environment, to attract the very best talent – you.

Your time spent studying in university has a direct impact on your future, so make sure you get it right. Yes, it’s meant to be the best years of your life, and going out with new friends and getting into adventures is a big part of that.

But, studying hard and securing the best degree possible, is even more important. Without it you might not be able to expect the career and recompense your years of sacrifice deserves.