Is The Internship a film really worth watching?

The pair from Wedding Crashers are at it again with this refreshing comedy.

The pair from Wedding Crashers are at it again with this refreshing comedy. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play forty-something’s entering the world of Google, a company with its finger well and truly on the pulse of the future, as a pair of ‘over-the-hill’ interns.

This film could be approached with trepidation that what you’re about to see is just a PSA for Google, but you aren’t, not an obvious one anyway. The film may be lavishly decorated in the bright colours of Google and set on Google’s campus aka a child’s dream, but it doesn’t try and ram Google’s products down your throat. Instead, you’re given a feel-good, geeks vs. geeks (yes, even ‘outsiders’ turn on each other) film.

Vaughn and Wilson join a team of misfits to compete in challenges during Google’s summer internship programme, led by a guy I can only think to describe as a better looking Fogell (Superbad).

Desperate plea for romance

The rapport between the pair is great. It really feels like you’re watching a couple of old friends. A cameo from Will Ferrell is always welcome and John Goodman’s role is enjoyable, if a little short. Rose Byrne appears to be the flavour of the month/year popping up in films all over the place but her role in this film seemed unnecessary and lost, a desperate plea for a romantic factor. There is a romantic factor in Vaughn and Wilson’s bromance.

The Internship’s supporting cast each offer a hilarious addition to the film. It’s a mixed bunch of goodies with some token lines. Director Shawn Levy, the man behind The Pink Panther, Night at the Museum and Date Night has done a great job on what could’ve easily lost its way between glittery Google products and only being a film to be approached by the younger ‘Generation C.’ A genius idea to bring the older into the new and Levy executes it with ease.

Not an advert for Google

It’s a shame that people may throw this film down as an advert for Google. Like any film, people will be influenced by the experiences they have or the products they see so yes, maybe I now want to work at Google but after I watched Step Up I wanted to be a dancer, doesn’t mean I did anything about it.

It’s also important to not cloud your mind with how believable two mature men entering this extremely intellectual and technological world as interns is. The beauty of these comedy films is to just roll with the storyline and not get caught up in the technicalities. Older people can be interns if they want!

Feel good factor

Vaughn and Owen are a perfect match for this film with a pile of funny lines from the supporting cast and some very funny scenes that will have everyone laughing, and an extra few laughs for fellow ‘nerds’ out there who will pick up on some pop culture references.

For the most part you’ll let out a laugh or two but what this film offers more than anything else is a feel-good factor. The ‘mature’ part of you will want to sit there straight-faced and complain about the fact this isn’t a blatantly funny film like ‘Dodgeball’ or ‘Wedding Crashers’. The carefree part will give in to this film and it WILL have you smiling, hopefully.

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