Is 2016 the year for feminist resolutions?

It seems like feminism has been a bit of a buzz word for the last 12 months. From Jennifer Lawrence speaking out against the wage gap, Amber Rose’s Slut Walk, the release of Suffragette, trends like #ShoutYourAbortion and #SayHerNameMisty Copeland becoming the American Ballet Theatre’s first black woman principal dancer, to Serena Williams honoured as Sports Illustrated Sports Person of the Year and more.

Yet no matter how far we’ve come, there’s still much more to achieve. As we move into the New Year, why not think about how you can use your time to become your best feminist self with our top five feminist new year’s resolutions!

1) Make it intersectional

If your feminism isn’t for everyone then who is it for? Start the year with a bit of self-reflection and take some time to check your privilege. Think about the advantages you have that others may not. As you move forward into 2016 with your feminist resolutions in hand, make sure that you follow each one with an intersectional perspective in mind.

2) Empower other women

To achieve this resolution you first need to stop criticising other women. Is she too thin or too fat? Are her clothes too revealing or too modest? Putting other women down won’t lift you any higher, and buying into the unequal expectations placed upon women won’t help you to reach equality. Take this opportunity to recognise what makes the women in your life great. Look around you at the successful women in your business or community. Lift up the voices of others, especially those whose stories may be going unheard.

3) Always keep learning    

The ongoing fight for equality won’t be without its mistakes and there is always room for improvement. If you’re a young feminist you can learn from the feminists who came before you, if you consider yourself a feminist veteran stay on top of the latest developments that young voices are bringing to the movement. Whether you’re reading up on your feminist history or following the latest hashtag, stay involved and stay educated.

4) Smash the patriarchy


Perhaps this one is more of a statement of intent than an achievable New Year’s resolution, but it’s important to remember what you’re working towards. Call out the sexism you encounter each day. Take a stand against misogynistic comments in the workplace or catcalling in the street and let the women around you know they do not have to face it alone. Do whatever it takes and whatever you can to keep moving towards equality.

5) Learn to love yourself

This last resolution is one of the most important. With all the time you’re going to be spending fighting for women around the world and empowering others, don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Whether it’s practicing body positivity or affirming your own self-worth, remember that you are part of something incredible, and that makes you an incredible person too.

Image: Flickr/YourDOST

Let us know your best feminist moments of 2015 and your resolutions in the comments below! Happy New Year!