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How to throw an Instagram-worthy garden party

Garden Party
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Decorating your garden for a party is one thing, but getting it Instagram-ready is another story entirely. Do you copy the things you’ve seen on other Instagram accounts, or come up with your own style? Do you use your signature colours to let everybody know it’s yours, or decorate it with the popular shades and tones everybody else is using?

It’s difficult to know where to start, but this short guide on how to throw an Instagram-worthy garden party will hopefully give you the inspiration you need.

Don’t take it too far

Your garden should be the cherry on top, not the cake underneath: as tempting as it could be to add all kinds of quirky or colourful designs and features, remember that the party planning is still the part that keeps your guests interested and gives you the best opportunities for spectacular photographs. Take care of your planning first, then get to work on the decorations.

Turn plants to your advantage

The right plant in the right place can do amazing things to a garden’s atmosphere, so don’t be afraid to sneak a few into your design. Some styles work best with everyday bushes and flowers, but a more exotic garden design could use palm trees or topiary plants as an eye-catching centrepiece.

Prepare some lighting

If your party is supposed to keep going far past sundown, you’ll need to make sure the outside of your home is well-lit and easy to navigate. This can be a great opportunity to add some extra style and colour to your garden, as well as letting you create a much more relaxed atmosphere later in the day.

There’s plenty of things you could do: a spotlight on the seating area to keep it well-lit, floor lights to mark out path borders or some coloured lights to add a thematic tint to the party area. If you aren’t happy with an LED glow, why not use an open-flame lantern or small fire pit to make an excellent background for your photos?

Look for stylish seating

It’s easy to add some cheap benches or chairs to your garden, but you’ll be kicking yourself over how generic and bland they can look: no amount of tinted lights and exotic plants will fix that. Instead, you need to take it to a higher level and think about seating from a different perspective.

If benches are too ‘standard’, you could try something like outdoor beanbags or hanging chairs – something that’ll bring a bit more novelty to your seating area. Not finding anything that suits your style? It wouldn’t be hard to take a normal plastic chair and add all kinds of fabric, paint and extra parts to create something truly unique and photo-worthy.

Focus on food

Anybody who’s spent time using Instagram will know that food is king. Almost every user’s posted pictures of beautiful meals and sparking drinks, so you’ll probably find that your own food becomes the heart of your party. You know you’ve gotten it right when your guests are taking photos of their own.

Get quirky outdoor placemats and cutlery, bring out your most artistic plates and try adding an extra bit of flair to all of your party food. For example, something like Popaball’s glittery Prosecco Jam can add a nice touch of sugary class to your drinks and can make for some exceptional photo opportunities mid-party.