How to plan the perfect babymoon

In recent years ‘babymoon’ breaks have become increasingly popular amongst expectant mothers. These luxurious holidays enable pregnant women to enjoy relaxing holidays abroad with their spouses, friends or family members before the arrival of their baby. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy a calm, soothing holiday to rest and recuperate before the birth of your baby, then listed below are our top tips on how to arrange your perfect babymoon break.

Choose the right time to travel

Prior preparation is key when booking a babymoon break and, as such, you should endeavour to plan your holiday in anticipation of your baby’s various developmental stages. For instance, it’s strongly recommended that you don’t travel during your first trimester because it’s during this stage that you will feel the most tired. 

Instead, it’s highly advised that you plan your babymoon break to take place during your second trimester. As a rule, the best time to book your babymoon break is approximately 18-24 weeks into your pregnancy. This will be the perfect time to travel because you will have passed the morning sickness stage of your first trimester but you won’t yet have entered the stage where you’ll be regarded as ‘high risk’ by airlines or cruise companies. 

Decide on a suitable destination

Many expectant mothers assume that because they’re pregnant they can no longer travel. Fortunately this is not the case! Although there are certain destinations, such as those within the NHS fit for travel and international vaccination guidelines, to which pregnant women are not advised to travel, as long as you plan to return from your babymoon break before you’ll be 36 weeks into your term then you’ll find that there are a wide range of holiday destinations you can enjoy!

Consider how your body has changed

When planning your ideal babymoon break you should consider how your body has changed during your pregnancy so far and how you expect it will change whilst you are away. For example, if you intend to travel after 20 weeks then you can expect to tire easily as your baby continues to develop. In this manner you should plan a babymoon break that will provide you with plenty of opportunities to rest and recuperate. 

For instance, if you’re planning a city break then you should intersperse your travel itinerary with plenty of pit-stops throughout each day so that you can fully enjoy all the sites that your chosen location has to offer without feeling stressed or overheated. As Compare Travel Insurance recommend: 

A remote island might be the ultimate luxury but it might not be the best location for your pre-babymoon. Consider locations with good road access, transport networks and access to medical facilities“. 

Book a high-quality hotel

A babymoon break can serve as one of your last chances to enjoy an indulgent holiday before your baby takes priority. As such, you should take this golden opportunity to indulge yourself by staying in a luxurious hotel that will offer a wide range of amenities. From booking a room with a decadent kingsize bed and gourmet room service facilities, to scheduling pre-natal spa treatments and dining in style at the hotel’s bistro restaurant, now is the time to take advantage of all the luxurious amenities that a five star hotel has to offer!

Make your health a priority

Above all else, when planning a babymoon break you should ensure that all of your healthcare requirements will be accommodated whist you are away. To do so, you should arrange a meeting with your doctor before booking your babymoon break in order to ascertain whether you’re fit for travel, whether the area in question is regarded as a ‘high risk’ for expectant mothers, or whether you’ll be required to take any medications or receive any vaccinations before travelling.

Moreover, by practicing sufficient healthcare precautions, such as investigating the medical facilities in the region to which you intend to travel, arranging your EHIC card and arranging comprehensive medical insurance coverage, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing baby-moon break with complete confidence that you and your baby’s health will be sufficiently safeguarded throughout your stay.

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