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How to liven up your study space

study space
Written by Nigel Simpkins

With covid-19, it is more important than ever to have an effective study space at home where you can retreat to and get your work done. Whether you need to view lectures online and join seminars remotely, or just want to get your assignments done in the comfort of your own personal space, students need an environment that is conducive to hard work and mental focus. 


No matter where your chosen study space is, make sure there is sufficient lighting. Nothing is more damaging to your study efforts than dim or insufficient light that makes you tired or causes you to strain your eyes. If you do not have windows to let in natural light then you will need to introduce some artificially using lamps or creative, quirky fairy lights. LED furniture lighting can really brighten up the space and gives you the freedom to add lighting anywhere in the room. 


You will likely be spending long periods of time sitting at your desk, so you want to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you start to fall asleep or start to get too cosy and let your mind wander. Make sure your desk is at the right height, between your waist and your ribcage when sitting at it, and a chair will appropriate back support. If you are on the shorter side and struggle to plant your feet firmly on the ground, then you should consider getting a footrest. Get more visually appealing furniture or decorate with cushions and blankets to make the space more comfortable and more inviting.


Time management is important for most aspects of life but especially for students. Not only do you have deadlines to meet but you should be aware of how long you are spending studying – to make sure you do not overdo it or alternatively, you do not give up before you have put in a sufficient amount of time. Get a good old-fashioned clock for your desk or wall that you can consult without having to pick up your phone or use your PC, as technology can often divert your attention and lead to procrastination. A clock can be a motivational tool and help you stay focused on getting a project done.


Remember, this is YOUR study space, make it exactly how you want it to be and decorate in any way that you feel will suit your study habits best. Experiment a little with your décor and try different designs for your study space, move your furniture around and rearrange your supplies to find your optimum organisational techniques. If you think you might perform better if all your study materials matched, then make it happen. Buy brightly coloured notebooks and pens, get a reusable water bottle to keep you hydrated, hang a notice board to pin up to-do lists or even just photos and doodles. Personalising your study space reinforces focus and makes it more inviting – a nice enough study could even make you excited to get started on your next assignment.