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How to have the best house party at university

Your university days are known to be the years of your life. Aside from all-nighters in the library, almost throwing your laptop across the room because you can’t start an essay, or taking out every possible book related to your course, then regretting it when you have to trek them all back to the library. There’s a lot more to university, living in a different city allows you to have so much freedom. Yes, no parents meaning you can be as loud as you like at pres, or when you’re being carried home by your friends. 

Flat parties when you’re in your first year are pretty standard. Living in halls allows you to act however you want, you’re surrounded by thousands of other 18-19 year-olds. Things do differ when you move on and are supposed to ‘mature’ as you’re now a second year. Here’s some things that you can do to have the best house party at uni:

The Playlist

The music that you play is very very very important. First things first, you don’t want your party guests to be sat or stood in silence, or awkwardly standing in your kitchen bobbing to songs only you’ve heard of. That’s just awkward, and your house party will be on the no go list. See what your friends listen to, hopefully you all have the same music taste so you can throw some fab tracks in there, make sure there’s a mix. Who doesn’t love some good ole’ 90’s music, but also definitely throw the latest music in there too. 

Depending on where you’re off to after your house party, (unless you’re planning on entertaining all night), try not to play too many of the songs that are likely to be played in the club. Saturday nights at Sheffield SU are wholly dedicated to lovers of pop music, they play literally every well-known song from the 90’s and 00’s. No good putting the cha cha slide on your party playlist, it’s bound to pop up in the club. 

Let everyone be the DJ. Don’t hog the best spot, take it in turns to play your favourite songs, that way you all get the best of both worlds. 


Oh Alcohol, everyone’s best friend at the start of the night. Maybe not so in the morning. Being a student is hard when you have to plan out your weekly spending, and also include alcohol into that.

If you can, go halves with your housemates – I share a bottle of vodka with my housemate. It works out well and very cheap, that’s one pro of being a lightweight. Nothing completes a house party without some makeshift cocktails or a fishbowl. The traditional “Throw any alcohol substance into a bowl” recipe sometimes goes down a treat. 

Drinking Games

What is a house party without drinking games? erm, a house gathering? The classic way to start off the night, everyone arrives and you know what? “Let’s all sit around the small coffee table and play ring of fire.”

The game is great at first, but after a few rounds more and more people decide to chat among themselves. The best number of people to play is about six, any more and you’re bound to get individual groups chatting between each other. When I was living in halls, we managed to play ring of fire with over 20 of us, it was near impossible, but we somehow managed it for one round. 

Before coming to uni, I had only known of ring of fire. But now, call me a pro in never have I ever, drinking Monopoly (an original from my flatmate), she also has made Uno a very fun and competitive game to play when getting ready for a night out. 

Your house itself

The selected location of the house party also plays an important role. No good nominating your house if you’re all refusing to clear up mess, you have neighbours or flatmates who have to be up early, or have children. That certainly won’t go down well. It may also be best to move anything which is likely to get damaged or dropped, move any tables if someone you’ve invited has a tendency of falling over. 

Depending on the reason for your house party, decorate the house! Supply some ‘nibbles’ for those who get peckish when drinking. I hold my hand up to that.

Enjoy your party! Make it fun, remember you’re not a student forever!

What do you think? What do you do to make your house party fantastic? Have your say in the comments section below.