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How technology has changed sports for good

Written by Nigel Simpkins

There is no denying the fact that sports have changed immensely over the years. Some of this has to do with social change. Others changes were brought about by technological improvements. It is undoubtedly true that these technological improvements have greatly improved the sports that you’ve been watching. That is definitely a good thing. So, have you been able to notice the ways your favorite sport has changed? These changes will be explored in much greater depth below.

Better Replays

In the very early days, replays would have been unthinkable. If the referees were unable to get the right call from the beginning, they were pretty much out of luck. It was impossible for them to go back and rewatch the play. This was frustrating for fans, players, and the referees themselves. After all, it meant that there were a lot of bad calls. Unfortunately, there was nothing anyone could do about it. This has changed big time during recent years. Now, pretty much all sports allow the refs to check out the instant replays. This greatly increases the likelihood that they’re going to make the right call in the end.

Refs will mess up a lot, but this technology prevents it to some degree.

Camera Angles

When you sit and watch a game on television, you’re going to see the action from various angles. This is definitely a good thing. Now, you’ll receive a fly over of the action. Heck, it is even common for the refs and players to wear cameras. This ensures that the viewer is able to get up close. In the past, this wasn’t the case. There were maybe one or two angles. They were great for the time, but unimpressive when compared to what you’re going to see today. Suffice to say, those improved camera angles have definitely improved the watching experience.

You should also know that some sports use drones to capture the action. That makes things even better.

More Accessible

It is also true that sports have become more accessible than ever. In the early days, you were only able to catch certain games. You likely got the local games on television. And, you might have been able to watch the bigger games on a network channel. However, those other games were off limits. Today, it is possible to watch pretty much any game you want. All you have to do is turn on your computer and find a stream. Most sporting leagues now offer their own exclusive streams. If you do not subscribe to such services, you can likely watch the game on Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, or another streaming service.

Either way, you can guarantee that you have more options than ever. In all likelihood, you’ll find a way to watch the game if you truly want to. In the past, this was most likely impossible.


Before going any further, you should know that betting on sports has changed as well. In the past, you would have been forced to work with a bookie. That individual was probably shady. In fact, you were probably worried about getting paid in the end. Today, you can place your bet in a much safer all. All you have to do is rely on sites like Betting online in this fashion is so much safer and easier than working with a shady bookie. This has definitely helped support the sports, while also turning many individuals into sports gamblers.

Performance Improvements

Finally, you will know that the players have gotten better. They’re bigger, better, and perform better. Why is this the case? Well, these individuals often train and practice while relying on technology. Their movements are studied using technology. In return, they are able to find out how to make slight improvements. This makes them so much better on the field. Again, this is something that wasn’t possible in the early days.


Sports are tons of fun. The good news is that they’re only getting better. Many of the improvements made to the sports leagues have to do with technological improvements. The next time you watch a fly over or an instant replay you should remember that you have technology to thank for it. It really makes one wonder what could come next.