How can health and safety consultants help you?

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

When running a business, it’s vital that you make it fit to both work in and for visitors to safely browse. Without taking the right steps, you risk causing injury or potentially worse in some cases. It doesn’t take much to do risk assessments before opening your business, but you’ll want to make sure that it’s thoroughly conducted.

Health and Safety consultants are offered by businesses such as Praxis42, offer you expert knowledge on what to look out for, for a huge variety of businesses and organisations.

What Do They Provide?

Health and Safety consultants offer a large range of different services, whether you don’t have the time or knowledge to conduct a risk assessment or if you need support for your on-site requirements. Consultants are a great option when you’re a reasonably sized business and need a very thorough run through to ensure that you, your employees and your customers are secure.

Conducting thorough risk assessment is a commonly sought for service, especially when a business has grown to a level where personally assessing a building, or multiple becomes a huge task. Conducting it yourself could take weeks and without the proper knowledge and experience you will be most likely missing several risks and hazards. Using Health and Safety consultants gives you confidence in the fact that every inch of your business has been checked and secured.

Health and Safety consultants can also provide compliance audits, which is an onsite audit of your business, to check whether your business fits health and safety regulations. If you’re a particularly large business then this can come in very useful, especially if you’ve just recently done your risk assessment. It lets you evaluate how well your business is keeping up to these standards and whether you need to make any changes, before any risks or hazards appear and result in an injury.

With their services you’re free to focus on running your business without worry. Overseeing every health and safety aspect of your business yourself can be a strenuous task, especially if it’s a large organisation with multiple divisions and departments. You’ll be hard pressed to find the time to properly conduct assessments on any risks and hazards. Health and safety consultants are a cost-effective way of keeping you and your employees safe.

With a wide variety of consultation services provided such as food safety management, asbestos condition surveys, fire risk assessment, estate and facility risk management and many more, you’ll be hard pressed to find a service that won’t relate to you and your business in some way. It’s best to be fully prepared, even when starting out as a new business, when you just don’t have the resources available to you to conduct these assessments yourself. Be 100% confident that your business is up to scratch and in line with all health and safety regulations today and get in touch with a consultant.