Horrible Bosses: Review ****

Written by staceyamer

What is it about male trios in a dilemma that we seem to find so funny nowadays?

What is it about male trios in a dilemma that we seem to find so funny nowadays?

Comedy films are perfect. They’re perfect to see with your girlfriends, they’re perfect to go to with the lads – and even more importantly – they’re perfect date material for boyfriends and girlfriends everywhere. They save the ladies sitting through two hours of Bruce Willis shooting at randomers, and they save the boys seeing Amanda Seyfried fall for yet another handsome Hollywood leading role.

So when the Horrible Bosses trailer was shown at the Hangover 2 screening, my boyfriend, my friends, nor myself, could wait. Just when we thought we’d be waving goodbye to Alan, Stu and Phil, into our lives come Nick, Dale and Kurt.

I’ll admit, after the trailer looked hilarious, I was a little concerned. I realise that sounds backwards, but I always have this film fear that if the trailer looks awesome, they’ve literally just shown you the only good bits in the movie squeezed into 90 seconds. It makes me apprehensive that I may be spending £7 – not including popcorn – to sit through what I essentially have already seen and laughed at. With Horrible Bosses however, this is most definitely NOT the case.

For starters, the cast is pretty impressive, with the inclusions of Jason Bateman, Jennifer Anniston, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, (trust me you won’t recognise him!) Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day and despite the mixture, they all bounce off of each other surprisingly well. For me, Spacey and Bateman really shone out when doing their duo scenes, but I guess that’s probably just preference, I still love Bateman from Hancock and Juno.

Basic plotline: Bateman, Sudeikis and Day love their jobs, if only it wasn’t for their abusive (Spacey) coke-head (Farrell) and nymphomaniac (Anniston) bosses. The plan? To kill them, obviously. Now, these three average Joes have no idea of how to go about murdering people, Dale (Charlie Day) in particular. So after a few starting hiccups involving male ‘services’ – I’m sure you can imagine – they enlist the ‘help’ of gangster Jamie Foxx, aka MotherF***er Jones (apparently Dean Jones (the name of a Disney actor) just didn’t cut it in the hood.

It all goes horribly wrong, in a very chaotic manner, with high cash pay outs, break ins, accidental drug consumption, car chases, epi-pen mishaps and other entertaining scenarios… but what else did you expect? But hilarity ensues nonetheless with some very laugh out loud moments. When I say very, I mean drink snorting, popcorn spilling kind of laughter – okay, so maybe this film isn’t the best for first dates as otherwise suggested, but seriously, do make sure you see it!

My only word of warning, you may find it slightly harder to brush your teeth or have a shave once you think about who you might have annoyed recently, but don’t worry, the paranoia will soon pass, and the comical benefits and endless quotes are well and truly worth it.

Go see it if you liked: The Hangover, Bridesmaids.