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Home comforts you’ll miss while at university

The thought of moving to university and becoming a student is a very exciting one.

The thought of moving to university and becoming a student is a very exciting one. However, when the shiny new lifestyle begins to wear off after countless late nights and too much Tesco value vodka, you begin to miss home and everything that comes with it. It’s true what they say, you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone!

Luxury toilet paper

At the beginning, you may buy the stuff your parents bought but through a mix of careless friends and numerous pre-drinks and parties, you’ll soon find out that it would be far cheaper to wipe your booty with a five pound note and end up resorting to the cheaper option. And yes, it really is like sand paper.

Full cupboards

There are only two times when your cupboards will be full. Once when your parents come to visit and once when you first move in. Life is hard, and the last week of term is particularly hard living off things that have crowded in the back of your freezer and cupboards. However it does make you cook up some particularly weird concoctions… egg, noodles and sausages, anyone?

Clean bathrooms

Hair in the showers, leaky shampoo bottles, dirty toilets, clean towels and bath mats, clean mirror and sink, dusty shelves… They don’t magically clean themselves, you know!

Comfy sofas

The wooden table chairs and plastic sofas just can’t beat the heavenly, cushion-filled seats of home.

Proper food

It may say 100% chicken but you can guarantee a couple of pigeons from Liverpool were killed to make your chicken burger. Likewise, whilst it may say 100% tuna on the tin, the grey slimy chunks say otherwise.

A dishwasher

Cleaning your dishes just isn’t the same especially when you try and cut corners by doing it quickly, and then have a taste of soap next meal time. Using own brands dish soap is an offensive alternative and I’m pretty sure it takes a layer of skin off every time you use it.

Comfy beds

Think springs jabbing you in your back, mattresses like dining tables, a noisy, itchy mattress protector and, voila, you have a university bed.

A bath

Showering just isn’t the same. It doesn’t warm you up, you can’t properly clean your feet, you can’t relax and (for us girls) you bang your head when you try and shave your legs.

So my advice to you fellow students would be to make the most of your parents when they ask if you need anything from the supermarket, if they say they’re passing the area and ask if you’d like to go for lunch or if a friend comes round and offers to clean up the plate they’ve just used.

Being a student may teach you to scrimp on some things, but as soon as you set foot back into your parent’s home for the Christmas holidays, you don’t need to resort to such a minimalistic lifestyle, so make the most of it!

What is a home comfort for you? Have your say in the comments section below.

Image: Rubber Dragon