Heather Watson: Britain’s Rising Tennis Star

Wimbledon is one of the greatest sporting tournaments in the world. It always delivers on its promise of gripping matches under the British sunshine, and this year this is truer than ever. If you tuned into the BBC Friday evening you would have witnessed what is certainly the most enthralling match Wimbledon has seen this year so far, and will definitely be one of the most thrilling of the tournament.

Heather Watson – Britain’s number one

When current world number one and tennis heavyweight Serena Williams stepped onto the infamous Centre Court to face 23 year old fresh-faced Heather Watson, a quick and easy win for Williams was expected by all. However, Watson ensured this wasn’t to be with a superb and expert performance. Although our British female number one lost by a whisker, she has certainly made her mark in the tennis world and seems destined for Grand Slam success.

Rising star

I am sure that many of you, like me, had not even heard of Watson until she gave Williams a tough test on Centre Court. Watson really seems to have emerged from nowhere, but now she is all that anyone can talk about.

Born in Guernsey, she started playing tennis at the age of seven and from there her journey began. Only five years after she started playing the sport, Watson found herself in Florida at the infamous Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. She has gone from stage to stage, from strength to strength with impressive speed becoming British number one in 2012, overtaking Laura Robson.

Now, she nearly knocked out her own hero, Serena Williams at Wimbledon, a woman whose face adorned the posters on Watson’s walls as a teenager. Although Watson may have lost the match, she was still a winner.

An incredible performance

The crowd really got behind Watson, ensuring that she gave an incredible performance. Her raw talent really shone through, and now she has to prove to herself and the tennis world that July 3rd was not just a fluke. The disappointment from the match may take time to disappear, but after it has, Watson can focus on her ambition of breaking into the world top 25 this year. Her performance on Friday has certainly convinced everyone she will, but she now must work hard to achieve it.

Watson really is Britain’s current rising star in tennis, and her future looks bright. It will be tough, but hopefully her journey will ensure that the next time she meets Williams on a court the result will swing in her favour instead.