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Get the most out of your Easter Bank Holiday

Bank holiday
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Most of us spend our bank holidays in front of the telly, relaxing at home and enjoying the extra day off work. Some have already been through their calendars and worked out which dates are bank holidays, and booked their holidays accordingly.

But as we live in this beautiful British climate and the weather can go from sun to snow in seconds, it is time for us to embrace any days off. This Easter bank holiday is Monday 17th April, so how exactly can you get the most out of your day?

Sunny Weather

We can all hope and pray for sunny weather on bank holidays although it rarely happens, but if by some chance we have managed to get a sunny break then there is only one place we should be; outdoors.

DIY (DO-IT-on-YOUR-sunny-day)

It might sound painful, it might seem like even more work and but getting your jobs done around the house on a great day means you have more free time in the long run.

Make a list, get all the right tools like your bearings, electric motors, spanners and everything else; and then get stuck in. Don’t forget important materials such as wood planks, acrylic sheet, and nuts & bolts.

This is the best time to do all those jobs you have been putting off, avoiding and pretending didn’t exist. Fix the drain pipes, put the chain back on your bike, re-screw that shelf and then sit back and marvel at all your great work.

Embrace The Great Outdoors

Go to the beach, take the dog for a walk, pack a picnic and enjoy being outdoors.

When the British weather finally looks beautiful the last place you want to be is indoors wasting the day away. This Easter bank holiday make sure to put your wellies on, wrap up and get the kids outdoors. Not only is this good for your health but also easy on your wallet.

Plan a walk and see just how far you can go before collapsing ready for your picnic in a great spot on top of a hill.

Rainy Days

When the weather is classically British it is time for your plan B. This could mean doing all that DIY you need to do inside the house, but it could also mean trying a number of other things.


Visit a Museum of Exhibition

Britain has some of the best museums and exhibitions dotted around all over the country. This means there are millions of days out, trips and things you can see on your bank holiday. Just make sure they aren’t shut on the day and you might even see there is a discount because you are visiting on a bank holiday.

You can find a number of different events in your local area or make a day of it and plan a road trip with a Museum in the middle.

Film Day

Finally, if you have finished your DIY, visited all the museums and then still not found the perfect bank holiday, it is time to plan the perfect film day.

This means DVD’s, Videos and Netflix at the ready, popcorn in the microwave and joggers on!

Whatever you get up to, make sure you make the most of your extra day off and have yourself a Happy Easter!