General overview of Salesforce certification

Salesforce certificate
Written by Nigel Simpkins

There are numerous certifications offered to professionals today, but a Salesforce certification is in a class of its own. If you are looking at getting a very lucrative career in Salesforce, earning a certificate is your first step towards achieving your goal. The credential validates your skills and knowledge on one of the best CRM platforms on the market. Salesforce is a well-established CRM platform for many organizations. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most demanded and fast-growing platforms available today. From solutions designers and project managers to software developers, the Salesforce certification is definitely abeneficial credential to have in your resume.

There are three distinct advantages that are offered by Salesforce certifications:

  • The certification is flexible, which means you can earn your credential within a couple of hours, days or months, depending on your level of preparation and experience. This will allow youto take control of your career path.
  • The Salesforce certification enhances the marketability of professionals in the highly competitive IT job market, by giving themopportunities to become high-classexperts in their specialization.
  • You can earn a single credential or several diversecertifications. Note, the more certification you get, the higher your salary potential.

There is a wide range of Salesforce certifications and you can choose credentials that fall within your area of specialization. You don’t have to earn all certifications offered by the vendor, you can just select the specific ones that meet your career objectives and focus on receiving them. The Salesforce certifications range from marketing and sales to technical (developers, architects, and administrators). 

Here some information for you to compare the available certifications offered by Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator

There are two different certifications offered under this category:

  1. Certified Administrator
  2. Certified Advanced Administrator

These credentials are designed for professionals who perform administrative functions on existing Salesforce solutions, such as defining specific user conditions, tailoring Salesforce platform for special requirement, and assisting customers to enjoy the utmost benefits of Salesforce solutions.

To pass the Salesforce certification exam, it is essential that you have the knowledge and skills in following areas:

  • Managing data, security, and users
  • Maintaining and tailoring Service Cloud and Sales Cloud Applications
  • Building dashboards, workflows, and reports

The exam contains 60 multiple choice questions and candidates have 90 minutes to complete it. You need to score at least 65% to pass the test and earn the certification. 

If you are considering to pass the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exam, you will need to have the following skills and expertise:

  • Ability to leverage advanced administration capacities of Salesforce
  • Ability to design advanced dashboards, reports, and business procedure automation
  • Ability to optimize and extend Service Cloud and Sales Cloud applications

The exam consists of 63 multiple-choice questions andyou willhave 90 minutes to complete it. To pass the test, you are required to score at least 65% points of 100%.

  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

This certification is aimed at Salesforce specialists who build, implement, and design custom-made applications on theSalesforce platform. The skills required for the certification include engineering and programming. The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder credential validates the knowledge and abilities of professionals in areas mentioned above. To earn this certification, you will be required to showa high level of knowledge in following fields:

  • Dashboards and reportsdesign 
  • User interface design, business logic, data model, security for customized applications
  • Custom applicationsdeployment

The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions You should complete them ina 90-minute period. To pass the test, you need to score at least 65% of the exam.

  • Salesforce Certified Architect

There are three different certifications under this category:

  • Technical Architects
  • Architect Designers
  • Domain Architects

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architects certificate validates the skillsand knowledge of a candidates across the different available domains. The SCA certification entrants should be able to demonstrate capabilities to develop technical solutions that enhance the potential of the Salesforce platform. The Architect Designers certification validates the expertise and knowledge base in one or numerous domain specializations. Each of the domains has its own specific exams. The Domain Architect certificate is designed to validate the knowledge and skills in governance, testing, and incorporation of other external systems.

  • Salesforce Certified Application Architect

To earn this certification, candidates are required to have a clear knowledge of the native Salesforce functionality and features. In addition to this, they must show the necessary expertise and capability to model role hierarchy, data model and suitable sharing mechanisms, in accordance with Salesforce platform. There are numerous requirements for earning this certification which include receiving some domain certifications. 

  • Salesforce Certified System Architect

This certification focuses on system governance, integration, and testing. It isrelated to other external systems with the infrastructure of an organization. There are some special requirements that come with this certification. In other words, you have to earn some domain specialization credentials before you can earn this particular certification.

  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect

This is the elite certification in the Salesforce Architect credential ecosystem. This credential requires a huge investment in terms of money, time, and energy. To earn this certification, you will be required to have a comprehensive experience, presentation skills, deep technical knowledge, and the capability to combine Salesforce solutions across all Salesforce platforms. The CTA certification has extensive requirements that include earning following credentials:Salesforce Certified Application Architect and Salesforce Certified System Architect credentials.

  • Salesforce Certified Developer

There are three different options under this credential:

  • Commerce Cloud Digital Developer
  • Platform Developer I
  • Platform Developer II

These certifications are designed for professionals who have the skills, experience, and knowledge about using Commerce Cloud Digital to create e-commerce solutions. They also must have the ability to develop customized programmatic and declarative applications on the Salesforce platform.


The Salesforce certifications are perfect for professionals who want to enhance their career potentials. You can visit the official website of Salesforce to learn more about the available certifications.