Flappy Bird: Should the app be brought back?

Written by LHodgson1997

With a new trend appearing every day, it can be difficult to keep up with what is popular in the 21st century.

With a new trend appearing every day, it can be difficult to keep up with what is popular in the 21st century. However, at the moment, it seems to be that a new app called Flappy Bird has caught the attention of a lot of the population.

Flappy Bird is an app for the smartphone, which involves tapping the screen in the aim to get a bird through small gaps in Super Mario Brother style pipes. Remind me again – how do we all find this so amusing?

Every day, thousands of people have been downloading the app onto their smartphones, eager to try and beat their friend’s high score, and share their achievement online, particularly via Twitter. This is undoubtedly a frustrating game to play, with most people unable to get any higher than scores of 10 or 20. 

Although the app has been around since May 2013, it only began to receive high amounts of attention in January this year, leaping to number one on the download charts. Luckily for the creator, the popularity of the app is supposedly gaining them $50,000 (£30,472) a day.

However, there was a chance that the app was to be taken down, after Dong Nguyen, the creator, took to Twitter to express his unwillingness for the attention he has received.


Calls for its return

The tweet received a response of over 100,000 retweets from users.

Since this, accounts have been created to save Flappy Bird, urging Twitter users to retweet their tweets, to show Nguyen just how much people love the app.

It’s unusual as to why the game maker has made this decision, especially after receiving so much pay from the game, but it is supposedly ‘not anything related to legal issues’ and he ‘just cannot keep it anymore.’ There have been questions as to if it is related to reviews the app received over ITunes, suggesting that players hate the game and the creator too.

After this revelation, Flappy Bird has indeed been taking down from the app store, to the surprise of all the players out there. This may disappoint many of you, but if you already have the app downloaded then there is no need to worry—it won’t delete from your phone unless you do it yourself!

So, what can you do if you haven’t downloaded the app and you want to play it? Well, this may seem unusual, but you can in fact find users on eBay willing to sell their iPhone, along with the downloaded game, for thousands of pound. There are even people selling for up to £150,000, with over a hundred bids!

If you are willing to pay this much money to control your Flappy Bird addiction, then this is the perfect opportunity for you – just hope that Dong Nguyen doesn’t change his mind any time soon!

What do you think? Was it the right move to take down Flappy Bird? Have your say in the comments section below.