Five ways to stay warm this winter

With the clocks going back and the nights getting colder it is safe to say that winter is coming. But luckily there are some tips and tricks in staying warm this winter.

Lots of layers

The most obvious way to warm yourself up when the day get colder and the nights darker is by putting on another layer or three. Jumpers, coats, hats, scarves even some thermals. Winter is the best excuse to buy more jumpers and who doesn’t love a cosy, brand new knit just in time for the Christmas season!

Soup and Stew

It may sound strange but a good hot bowl of beef stew or tomato soup will really warm you right up. Not only do we need home cooked meals during the winter to help keep our vitamins and immune system up, but steaming hot stews, soups, roasts and pies will definitely take that chill off.


The cold weather is also the perfect chance to get close to somebody else. Snuggling up under a blanket and sharing the body heat is a sure fire way to keep warm whilst getting to know somebody a little better. Whether it be a lover, a friend or even your pet cat, we all have body heat that can benefit somebody else.

Hot water bottles

If however, you are all alone on a cold winters night then a hot water bottle or hot bean bag is just as good as a snuggle buddy. You can buy these very cheaply from most home department stores and even clothing shops stock them. If you have a microwave then you can get a microwavable bean bag to keep you warm. These usually come shaped like cue animals and smell of lavender so they will also help you sleep.



It doesn’t usually matter what season it is, we all love drinking tea, coffee or hot chocolate. But these beverages are brilliant when it comes to warming up your insides. Not only are they delicious but they add that extra cosy feeling to being wrapped up in a blanket watching movies all weekend. Plus drinking tea and coffee also gives you an excuse to have some biscuits and who doesn’t like hot chocolate with some whipped cream and mini marshmallows?

hot chocolate, wikimedia commons

What are your tips and tricks for keeping warm over the next few months?