Yes, you heard that correctly #what??

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Written by Naomi

As a writer I do spend a great deal of time listening to others conversations. Technically I should put ‘eavesdropping’ although in my defence I will say if you talk loudly on public transport then I can’t help but hear.

Sometimes it is just plain crazy chit-chat from a person that has no idea they are being amusing to their fellow passengers. Take this conversation between two people on the central line between Holborn and Leyton.( It is all in the detail.)

“I can get you tickets.”

“For free?”

“I can try.”

“I don’t pay for tickets.”


Or this one of the description of the 02, “It looks really cool ‘coz it has bits sticking out of it.”

02 ,

I remember thinking, so does that man’s beard opposite, but I don’t think that’s what qualified it as cool.

Last week I heard a woman explain to her friend about her ex-lover: “It was a long time ago. I was thirty – he was thirty-eight. We would have stayed together, but he got bitten by a spider and died.” Let me assure you that was only the start of the story!

Sharing conversation

And that is the problem, it leaves you wanting to share the snippets. How often do you see people suddenly reach for their phone and start making notes, sending messages, tweeting when there is a conversation going on in front of their noses. It is easy to hide behind a phone screen pretending you are letting your dad know when he’ll need to pick you up from the station…when really you are making a note of how long the woman took to reveal about the fatal spider attack to her husband who was completely in the dark about the whole affair! I’m not one to pass on gossip, so I can’t possibly divulge.  This is where Twitter comes into its own. Such a great place for sharing snippets. (Be sure to check out  #fatalspiderattack once you’ve finished the article.)

I’m kidding.

Twitter talk

I have though been having a look at Twitter to see what people have been sharing in their overheard conversations this month. And it appears I’m not the only eavesdropper on the train…