Three of the best ways to quit smoking

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

A lot of parents in the UK smoke and worry about the effects it could have on their children. Although the number of adults smoking has dropped to approximately 8 million – the lowest on record – children are still at danger from passive smoking, which has been shown to limit development and could lead to illness, including asthma and meningitis.

So, if you’re a parent who has decided it’s time to finally quit, here are three effective methods to get you started.

Try Vaping

Vaping has become a popular way to stop smoking. While there has been uncertainty surrounding the potential harmful effects of vaping, extensive research has shown that e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative.

Furthermore, as there is no tobacco smoke released from an e-cigarette, the risks of passive second-hand smoke don’t apply to vaping. So, if you’re worried about any potential impact on your children’s health, e-cigarettes are a great option.

In addition, e-cigarettes contain nicotine, satisfying cravings without the harmful effects of tobacco, making it a great halfway point when you’re trying to quit smoking.

Nicotine Replacement

Using the nicotine replacement method can be effective when quitting. Available in the form of patches, gum, sprays and lozenges, they work by releasing a slow and steady amount of nicotine, without any of the harmful tobacco. They are designed to fight the cravings associated with smoking – nicotine is the addictive substance – to help you stay cigarette free.

Depending on how much you smoke and how long you’ve smoked for, you may find that you need to use more replacement than others, but they are a great first step and can work well.

Cold Turkey

This is a controversial method that doesn’t work for everyone. If you have a strong will and want to quit without any assistance, then you could try going cold turkey. But stopping can be hard.

If you would like to try this method, then you must be prepared and aim to avoid triggers. For example, drinking alcohol and finishing a meal can make you reach for a cigarette, while other smokers miss the habit more than the cigarette itself. Try doing some exercise, keep your hands busy, and choose healthier food and drink – fatty or sugary options can make cigarettes taste nicer.

Quitting smoking is not an easy process, but if you’ve decided to stop, then you’re already part of the way there. Try one of these methods to complete your journey. Good luck!