Fashion shopping on a student budget

Fashion shopping on a student budget
Written by Courtney Evans

Easter holidays are just around the corner and so is Summer! We are all fed up of the cold, snowy days and just can’t wait for the sun. Each year, many of us want to look good on holiday and yet it can cost us more money than needed for clothes we can only wear abroad…due to the British weather!

Clothes can be expensive, whether its keeping up with the trend, buying clothes for different occasions, or even holidays! We all need clothes and yet it can cost us pounds and pounds to make sure their fit for the purpose.

Some clothing spending can be unnecessary, buying clothes and wearing it once, or just buying clothes for the sake of buying clothes. Yet it’s as an interest and it’s something people enjoy with friends and family.

Think before you buy

Buying clothes doesn’t have to make your bank balance drop considerably. Instead, buy at the right places, choose what you buy wisely and spend carefully.

When purchasing a new item, think about your wardrobe. Will it fit in with your other clothes? Think about if you can wear that particular outfit or item for day wear but also night wear by adding accessories, maybe changing your top or even your shoes. One item can mean more outfits if you look for combinations. This will hopefully result in saving money and looking great at the same time!

If you know you have an event approaching and your clothes are not suiting your needs, instead of rushing straight to new items or new fashion trends, take a look at the sale rack. Sale items can give you a good bargain for something that looks amazing! Giving everyone an opportunity to spend money on an outfit and save money at the same time is a win win!

Many people follow trends, new shoes, new jeans, and new jackets. Yet being in trend can make that particular item price more expensive. The question that should be asked is will this item be in trend next year? Or even in a few months? Are you only buying it to fit in? Why not look around and purchase something you can wear each year and that will always be in fashion, something you feel comfortable in but also stylish. Trends can cost people loads of money and can end up being a waste.

Everyone wants to save money but everyone wants new clothes, especially girls. Think before you buy. Do you need it? How many outfits can I get out of one item? Will accessories help? And is the quality great? Don’t purchase clothes just because – purchase it because you love and want it!