Top trends to look out for during Spring 2018

Written by alexcutts

With Spring just around the corner, we can all look forward to warmer weather and brand new fashion trends to go along with it. The fashions for Spring 2018 feature futuristic fabrics and retro inspired styles. Here are some of our favourite trends for Spring 2018.

Pastel Hues

Icy mint and baby pink are just a few of our favourite colours that definitely need to be added to your wardrobe in time for Spring. Pastels add both a femininity and delicacy to any outfit. The pale shades have the purity and innocence of white but whilst adding a slight pop of colour. They’re the perfect way of introducing a bit of brightness into your wardrobe if you’re a repeated monochrome offender (don’t worry, we’ve all been there) without taking a huge step out of your comfort zone; start off small with accessories and jewellery, acting as statement pieces in your looks.

Pops of Colour

Both brights and pastels are on the menu for Spring 2018 but for those of you that are a bit more daring then rainbow is the way to go. From fiery red to vivid cobalt blue, block colours are sure to make a statement in any outfit. You can start introducing pops of colour into your outfit with accessories and shoes, how about hot pink tassel earrings or teal velvet ankle boots. However, if bold and daring is more your style then go all out with a rainbow striped jumper or yellow checks à la Clueless. For even more colourful outfit inspiration, check out @confetticrowd and @sassyworld on Instagram.


Denim is a classic staple piece in everybody’s wardrobe, for any time of year but especially for Spring. It can be dressed up with a floaty chiffon shirt or dressed down for a more casual everyday look, paired with a T-shirt and trainers. However, this Spring it’s all about throwing it back to the nineties and the noughties with double denim. Yep you read that right, pairing your jeans with your denim jacket is all the rage for this season but it’s not quite as scary as it may sound. Throwing homage to 2001 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s red carpet moment but with a more wearable approach. Try mixing tones and textures, such as light wash ripped jeans with an acid wash jacket to add some variety to your outfit.


All things shimmer are the new trend for Spring, think mermaid-style, holographic fabrics and glittery textures. Metallics and space greys with hints of shimmer give off mystical and psychedelic vibes, perfect for party dresses and late night looks. Play around with different metallic tones such as silver, copper and gold for a more varied look. Glitter and holo give a futuristic twist to any outfit, whether it be a shiny shirt or a pair of glimmering earrings.

Trench Coats

We all know that even though it claims to be Spring it can still get pretty chilly. Having an on trend coat is essential for both keeping you warm during the changing of the seasons and looking stylish. This season’s favourite cover up is the trench coat, Sherlock Holmes called this one. They come in a range of colours from classic camel to delicate shades of blush but, no matter what colour you get, the long line hem will add a sophisticated edge to your outfit.

Sheer Fabrics

Mesh, chiffon and lace are a few of the textiles that have been featured on the runways for this Spring. The best thing about sheer fabrics is that you have the freedom to layer. You can pair clothing items with bold undergarments or different patterns to add dimension to your layering. Sheer clothing adds a classy seductiveness to outfits, try matching sheer outer pieces with statement garments underneath such as a white blouse paired with strappy black bracelet.

Statement Belts

Wide belts with big chunky buckles or belts adorned with charms and chains; if it cinches in your waist and makes a statement then it’s bang on trend for Spring 2018. A statement belt is the perfect way to spice up a boring outfit. A thick black belt paired with an oversized boyfriend shirt gives a more feminine silhouette to what was an androgynous look. Have a few different styles of belts, try out different colours, types of buckles and charms to add a unique spin to basic wardrobe pieces like jeans.


When you think of vinyl clothes you probably have flashbacks to early 2000s Britney in the Oops!… I Did It Again music video but we promise you (however groovy the queen of pop did look) that it’s much cooler in 2018. Vinyl and plastic clothes were all the rage back in the 60s and 70s and they’re making a comeback this Spring. Wet look “Paddington Bear” coats and mods in high vinyl boots paired with mini skirts are a few of the vintage looks that are being repeated on the runways for this season, along with more modern designs such as PVC bodycon skirts and glossy fitted trousers. If vinyl clothing is a step too far out of your comfort zone then start out with vinyl bags and if you’re wanting to take your look one step further then try a clear plastic tote.