Fashion tips for a winter that will not end

Mother Nature seems to be playing games with us. We are experiencing snow, heavy downpours of rain, and blusterous winds.

Mother Nature seems to be playing games with us. We are experiencing snow, heavy downpours of rain, and blusterous winds. That still sounds like winter to me, well, almost. Mother Nature is also throwing in the occasional warm day throughout these winter months. 

So how does one stay warm but still look stylish in our ever-changing weather?

Weather-Proof Dressing

Start by looking through your closet, because all the usual suspects are still in action for this winter. Protective footwear like Uggs, Dearpaw, EMU, Timberlands and heavy-duty snow boots are still in rotation.  

On days when we are getting several inches of snow, along with extreme, freezing temperatures pull out those mid and full length coats, such as a cosy North Face, vintage fauxs or real furs.

Other fabrics such as shearling, fleece, and leather with or without fur trimmings are also good. Nautica, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and BCBG but to name a few are all making quilted puffer down coats and jackets.

To keeps your legs warm, the classic jeans year in, year out never fails, and for those who are big on comfort a thick pair of leggings will also do the job. Vera Wang does corduroyed, ribbed style leggings, which are perfect for the winter and come in a variety of colours, such as navy blue, chocolate brown, winter white, mustard and black. 

Note that you should always layer up in this weather, with warm undergarments such as thick opaque, or wool tights and one or two pairs of socks if needed.  The previously mentioned fashion tip applies to both women and men, long johns under men’s trousers are necessary in these conditions.

The Perfect Time For Layers

The classic polo or turtleneck tops are perfect for the winter weather as they can be worn by layering under a shirt, sweater and cardigan or as the main attraction, with a simple broach accompanied by a winter wool tweed skirt or trousers.  

You can never go wrong with a warm winter sweater. They come in all shapes and lengths with sweaters that rest on the waist, or the middle of the thigh, and can be worn over leggings, skinny jeans or a maxi skirt. Vintage sweaters, with a slight shoulder pad and sequined design are all beautiful additions to the winter look.  

There are really no colour restrictions on clothing anymore and we have the freedom to experiment with all types of colours. Yes there are dominant colours that feature in any given season, but that does not cancel out the use of other colours, allowing room for personal style, which is more foundational than trends that come and go.

Keeping your head warm

Accessories have taken on a life of their own. The classic Russian hats are still popular and practical in this weather, real fur and faux in all colors are available, along with umbrellas, for those days with heavy downpours.   It is refreshing to see how Wellington boots have evolved. Wellies are available in bright colors and various styles, such as the classic horse riding boot shape and more.  

There is no reason to feel stuck in a rut, or over whelmed, throughout this winter season. There are plenty of choices so have fun with winter, just like any other season.

What tips would you have for fashion this winter? Have your say in the comments section below.

Image: Safedom