Encouraging more women in sport

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Written by kmc17x

The Scottish FA have launched a new campaign of girls only soccer centres to try get more girls involved in the sport. These centres are based across Scotland and are named after some of the Scotland Women’s National team members. The idea behind these centres is to raise the profile of girls football and try get more girls playing the sport.

With football seen as a male sport and with the male dominance in the sport many girls are put off trying to play the sport as they feel they maybe aren’t as good as the boys or as strong to compete with them. These centres allow girls to express themselves and show off their skills along with other girls.



Female Only coach education

There is a higher number of female coaches now than there has ever been before with more girls wanting to get involved in sport. Although there is a overall higher number it is mainly for female orientated sports, with very few venturing into coaching male sports.

As the aim of the sporting world is to get more females involved in all sports, the Scottish FA have tried to encourage females by offering female only coach education courses for football.

These courses are the exact same as the normal courses ran by the SFA however they’re only for females. Many females may feel shy or intimidated being on courses with males as football is seen as a male sport so these courses are very encouraging for those who want to get involved.

These courses allow females to get the exact same training and knowledge as the males but in a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for those who may be feel intimated or shy in mixed courses.


With the growth of female participation in sport, there has been a big development in female teams across a variety of sports. Many top football clubs in England, Scotland and across Europe have created and developed female teams, with some being very successful.

Although there is still a long way to go with regards to female football, the fact some of the top male teams in the sport have developed female teams ups a huge step in the process. Football is only one example of the sports that have developed female teams, there are a variety of different sports which are seen as male sports that have developed female teams with some being very successful.

In sports such as rugby and cricket, it’s seen as male only however although you don’t hear the female teams progress on the news as such some of these female teams could teach the male teams a thing or two.